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Letters to the Editor

Hillsboro needs another family-oriented park

I would like to see the City of Hillsboro develop another park. I think it would be a good addition because there aren’t that many family friendly Hillsboro parks near my home. It would also help the city have a better selection of parks.

The action is necessary because there should be more family friendly parks. I haven’t seen one that fits many different age groups in Hillsboro.

They're either too formal or too young-kid style. There should be a park that most families can enjoy together. Families could have a variety of activities to do at the park. It could be similar to Cornell Creek Park, which is opening soon.

There would probably be people against the idea. They might think that there are already enough parks and that this one might take too long to build or cost too much money.

I’ll tell them that it would be a great service and a place for families to hang out.

Kyle Rabe


President should prioritize

economy, not gun control

It sounds like once again, Obama has his priorities mixed up. The number of Americans injured or killed by "gun violence" doesn't even come close to the number of people outright murdered by ISIS terrorists, and yet, Obama is making gun control his number one priority. He wants to basically let the terrorists walk right in to this country while disarming the law abiding citizens.

What ever happened to national security? What ever happened to the American people’s right to feel safe in their own home? Own country?

About gun control, California is said to be the strictest state in the country for gun control, and yet it didn't stop the shooting in San Bernardino. In fact, there are some who still won't admit it was an act of terrorism. How stupid do they think the American people are anyway? It sounded like the Obama administration's lax security that let that woman into the country; but yet, it is the law abiding gun owners who are responsible.

Look at Chicago, it is almost illegal to look at a handgun there. They have probably the highest gun violence rate in the country. Why hasn't their stiff gun control laws reduced or stopped the shootings?

Right now, Obama needs to get his priorities right; the economy, national security, and defeating ISIS, not gun control. ISIS murders more innocent people in a month than all the people killed in shootings here in all of 2015.

Ken Bellamy