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Oregon businesses need

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Oregon is one of the most trade-dependent states in the nation. Nearly half a million Oregon jobs are tied to trade, so it is important to protect Oregon’s trade-related businesses and the working families they support. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will accomplish this goal.

The TPP will make it easier for business owners to sell Oregon products in the global marketplace by eliminating taxes and barriers to trade on American products across the 11 other countries in the TPP.

There are more than 180 TPP companies with investment in Oregon and trade with TPP countries accounts for 48 percent of our exports. So Oregon is already heavily invested in these markets.

Accessing overseas markets for Oregon agriculture is critical to the economic health of our farmers. The TPP will allow our three-generation, family-owned business to continue to be a player in the global marketplace and it will keep Oregon berry producers strong and viable into the future.

The passing of the TPP will only help our local economy by increasing jobs in our own company.

I hope that Oregon members of Congress will recognize the importance of trade to the economic health of our state and work to approve the TPP.

Jeff Malensky


President, Oregon Berry Packing, Inc.