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Comments on health center contraceptives ‘ludicrous’

I attended last week’s school board meeting on March 15, 2016 to listen to the demands of our Hillsboro school children, and some “adults” asking for “family planning” devices.

That children under the age of 18 think they are capable of “family planning” strikes me as ludicrous. When I heard one young lady say that because her father was a pastor, she was “deprived” of contraceptives and other such necessities to complete her education, I had trouble believing what I had heard.  I usually try to write letters of concern using decorum, information and statistics to make my point.

However, I have given up on such, and can only think in terms of satire now. Here’s my satirical letter to address this ludicrous situation: Yes, students. We hear you. You have demanded contraceptives. You’re right! You are entitled to them! You deserve them. We will gladly pay for them and supply them. In fact, did you know that our so-called liberal universities which at one time supported Freedom of Speech, now have “Free Speech Zones?”

You ask, how does this relate? Well, we’re going to provide you with “Free Safe Sex Rooms” now. Yes, rejoice! You heard right. The rooms will come complete with top quality mattresses, heart shaped pillows, soft lighting, music of your choice, and of course a wide variety of contraceptive devices.

Now, when you get the urge in algebra class, you may simply raise your hand, and we’ll give you a hall pass. Just grab a partner, or two or three, and go on down to the “Free Safe Sex Room.”

You and your parents simply need to sign a waiver that states that you cannot sue the school district if you get AIDS, STDs, become pregnant, or fail to complete your education because you were absent from class so much.

Nancy Hursh


Congrats to winners, thanks to sponsors

The 12th season of our Junior Winter Trapshooting League has been completed with Travis Sahlfeld, a senior from Glencoe High School taking home the Champions Buckle after winning a shoot-off by one target, 24 to 23, over Tristin Cooper, a seventh-grader from Evergreen Middle School.

Dusty Weaver, a junior at Banks High School took the Senior Division award, Tristin Cooper captured the Junior Division award and Troy Marsh, a fifth-grader at Swallowtail School received the Sub Junior Division award.

Receiving $500 scholarships, donated by the Tualatin Valley Chapter of Oregon Hunters Association were Travis Sahlfeld, who will attend Portland Community College in the fall and Avery Babcock, from Westview High School, who will also attend PCC.

Nick Hald, of Southridge High School, who will attend Oregon State University and Cierra VanBlarcom, from Forest Grove High School, who will attend PCC also received $500 scholarships made possible through donations of a number of local sponsors of our program.

Grayson Jackson, from Woodland, Wash., grade school, earned the Ron Lackey Memorial Award, presented to the participant displaying the “Greatest Determination with the Most Smiles.”

This year’s league, which started in November 2015 and finished on Feb. 27, hosted nearly 60 youth representing over 30 local area schools.

We want to thank all those sponsors and volunteers that continue to make it possible for the youth in our local area to have the opportunity to experience the fun of participating in the clay target sports.

Randy Lederbrand

Hillsboro Trap & Skeet Club, Volunteer Youth Shooting Program Coordinator