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Letter to the Editor

U.S. cannot afford another Democratic administration

After eight hellish years, we are finally getting rid of Obama and his ego. Eight years of lies and broken promises. Whatever made the people reelect him is beyond me.

It should have been a warning at his second inauguration when both him and Biden stumbled and stuttered on the preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States part of the oath of office.

If that wasn’t bad enough, now the Democrats are throwing a traitor and a communist at us. It’s sad when we haven’t even had the nominations yet and the mainstream media has Hillary all but actually occupying the Oval Office.

We desperately need the Republicans to win the White House this November, America cannot afford another Democratic administration.

Cruz, Trump, and Kasich talk about giving back to the country and the people while Hillary talks about taking more away from us.

Please, this November, vote for anyone but Clinton or Sanders, America will be a lot better off.

Ken Bellamy