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Letters to the Editor

Flight schools have airplane fuel choices

ght schools have airplane fuel choices The article on the Hillsboro Airport (“Toxic emissions charges continue to dog airport,” Feb. 12 Hillsboro Tribune) and unleaded fuel is full of inaccuracies.

“Mogas” is autoMOtive GASoline (auto gas), nothing more. It has not been altered from what you buy at the pump for your car. It is not “made” for aviation use.

The article says they can’t force anyone to use it, yet they force everyone to use leaded aviation fuel by making only that fuel available on the airport.

Automotive gasoline has been approved for a great many airplanes since the 1980s. Airplanes were originally built to use aviation fuel. To use Mogas, a pilot needs what are called Supplemental Type Certificates or STCs (granted by the FAA) which allow for the use of this fuel. Not all airplanes are approved but many are and a great many more could be.

The reason I know this is because my company has been doing the research and selling auto fuel STCs since 1983.

Automotive gasoline does not “eat away” at the inside of an engine, not if it is straight gasoline. If it contains ethanol, then it will do precisely that and more.

Therefore, fuel containing ethanol is not approved for use in aircraft. Contrary to what some may say, there is no state or federal law that requires ethanol to be added to fuel if it is used for off-road purposes.

Some of our STCs require modifications to use auto gas, but most do not need any modifications whatsoever. Most airplanes used for training, including the C-150, C-152 [and] PA-28 are approved for automotive gasoline, and again, most of them [have no] modifications at all.

I invite everyone to visit our website for more information: autofuelstc.com.

For information on more complex airplanes that are approved for auto fuel, such as the Beech Baron or Cessna 210, go to this website: flyinpulse.com.

There is no reason why any flight school today has to use leaded aviation fuel given the number and type of airplanes that are approved for unleaded auto fuel. Again, these STCs have been in use since the mid 1980s. It is proven to work and work well. I reiterate, there is no technical reason that forces flight schools to use leaded aviation fuel.

It all depends on what airplanes they have, and whether or not they are willing to replace unapproved airplanes with those that are approved.

Todd L. Petersen

Minden, Nebraska

Are these candidates really Christian?

I have watched all the presidential political debates thus far this year and I am wondering about some things that are said repeatedly. I have heard some candidates say many times how Christian they are, especially in Iowa where the wind blows that direction. Then, in the next breath they tell how they would bomb, torture and kill the enemy.

How do they reconcile the words of Christ with bombing, torturing and killing? Christ tells us the two great commandments are to love God and love your neighbor, and he says your neighbor is, in reality, everyone in the world. How does one rationalize these two opposing ideas?

I would like to hear a debate monitor ask these so-called Christians this question.

Del Bohlmeyer

Forest Grove