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Enjoys the crosswords

I hope the absence of the crossword puzzle is not a permanent deletion. It is a very good puzzle, which I enjoy working after reading the Hillsboro Tribune.

Tom Boon


Editor’s note: The crossword puzzle is indeed a permanent fixture of the Hillsboro Tribune. It was inadvertently left out of our March 6 issue; we apologize for the error.

Two-way streets will turn into a game of ‘chicken’

Note: This is an open letter to all members of the Hillsboro City Council.

I am still opposed to the two-way streets and the $3 million you will spend on this very doubtful project. 

Here are a few reasons for my opposition: Recently I have viewed a TV ad of three drivers coming from opposite directions with a 4-way stop. As you have seen, they keep saying, “No, you go,” “No, you go,” “No, YOU go...” Then they put a pedestrian into the mix, which really adds to the confusion. This is what is going to happen in Old Town Hillsboro.  

The biggest problem is that it will eventually turn into a game of chicken. This is when motorists and pedestrians will have to really look out. People will obey traffic lights. Stop signs create a big game of chicken or bluff.

I live at Third Avenue and Northeast Jackson Street. Without question, this project will increase traffic on our very narrow street. It is almost one-way at times now because of parked cars. (I would like you to install a speed bump ASAP in the middle of the block between Third and Fourth avenues. Also, enforce the two-hour parking limit.

Since I am elderly, I am also concerned about the increase in bad air this will create. Cars will take much longer getting through town, and this will create excessive amounts of air pollution, since they will just be sitting at idle. Have you cleared this with the EPA and DEQ?

Please stop this project now. 

H. L. Bickford


Sports editor knows ‘what’s going on’

I want to thank you so much for the attention you gave my son, Daniel, with this year’s swim coverage. He is very happy with your articles and says you are very good at what you do. He said you understand what’s going on.

As a parent, it’s always so gratifying to see your child in the newspaper. You probably get that all the time, but I thought it was worth writing to tell you today.

Thanks for doing what you do for the Hillsboro Tribune!

Joel Lupro


Please tell it like it is

Regarding the Kitzhaber debacle: please refrain from referring to Ms. Hayes as “his fiancé.” Just call it like it is: she is his mistress.

Do you really think they will marry?

Harold Hutchison

Forest Grove


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