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Act locally this election year

Think globally, act locally” has been used as a catchphrase call to action in many contexts — environmental, political, educational.

Perhaps now is the time to truly think globally, but act locally — here in Hillsboro.

Residents of the city of Hillsboro have an opportunity in November to choose our next mayor and several city councilors.

A Chamber of Commerce “Meet the Candidates” forum March 2 brought together the two mayoral candidates who have publicly declared their intent to run to become Hillsboro’s 50th mayor. Three council seats are up for election and although newly appointed councilor Rick VanBeveren is the only one to have unofficially declared himself a candidate, it’s our hope that all three seats will have multiple candidates.

As we all watch with disbelief at the ever-increasing and surreal sophomoric antics during GOP presidential candidate debates and grow weary of the campaign rhetoric that tops the national news day in and day out — buckle up folks, there are still eight months until the election — we found it refreshing to witness at the chamber forum what is lacking on the national stage: civility.

Mayoral candidates Aron Carleson and Steve Callaway have known one another for many years and have worked together as Hillsboro city councilors and on various on city committees. The two candidates are longtime residents and clearly have a heart for the city of Hillsboro.

And even though Callaway and Carleson are running as opponents for the same elected office, they are amicable toward one another.

Yes, it can be done. Graciousness, respect and decency does still exist, despite what we see daily in national politics.

So let’s take a step back — to the local level — and think globally, but act locally. Because locally is where we can all make a difference by informing ourselves about the candidates and taking the time to make your choice and mark your ballot.

Locally is where we should care a great deal about who is representing us and what they envision for the future of the place we live, work and play every day.

In the coming weeks and months we invite you to tune out the boorish, vulgar behavior and words of those claiming to be capable of leading the United States of America into the future.

Instead, get to know your candidates closer to home.

Act locally. Because it’s time to return to civil, reasonable discourse in politics.

And local matters matter.