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Contributions of women veterans

should never be overlooked

I enjoyed the section in this week’s newspaper honoring veterans. It is very important to remember and share the experiences of our vets.

But my question is, did you put any effort into finding and talking with women veterans? Women have served in America’s military since World War I. But as another day to honor veterans comes around once again, women vets are overlooked and unappreciated.

Karen Kaye


Politically correct crowd ruining Christmas season

Here it is, holiday season 2015, where did the year go? Anyway, the annual “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holiday” fights are more than likely going to start up pretty soon, one thing that really irritates me.

This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles; however, our forefathers put freedom of religion for all when they wrote the Constitution. To me, that means every person in this country is free to practice whatever religion they want without persecution.

Nowadays however, since this political correctness nonsense took hold — and especially during the Obama administration — Christians in this country don’t seem to be able to freely practice our religious beliefs without some person or group of politically correct no-brains protesting it.

The politically correct have tried and succeeded in banning Nativity scenes in public, public display of crosses and the Ten Commandments and various other things associated with our religion.

I’m tired of being told I can’t say “Merry Christmas,” because it offends Muslims and atheists. Too bad; I grew up celebrating Christmas in the traditional Christian manner, saying “Merry Christmas,” looking at all the public decorations including Nativity scenes and going to church and celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Every time I’m told I can’t do all that, it is a violation of my right to free speech and my right to religious freedom. So this year, let’s just have a joyous and merry Christmas without the nonsense.

Ken Bellamy


Help National Guard members during holidays

Gift card donations have become a very valuable resource for the neediest families of the deployed National Guard soldiers. Families of these soldiers often experience financial difficulties, especially during the holidays.

The gift cards offer some financial relief for them, and demonstrate our appreciation to our soldiers and their families.

Gift cards for groceries, toys, clothing stores, or gasoline greatly help the neediest of these families, who live all around our state.

Purchase a gift card for any amount and send it to the Oregon National Guard Association.

Please send gifts cards to:

Oregon National Guard Association, P.O. Box 14350, Salem, Ore., 97309.

Thank you.

Becky Cartier

Lake Oswego