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Sports editor bids readers, papers farewell

I really dislike goodbyes.

I wrote a column like this almost six years ago, when, after a brief stint at the News-Times, I headed off for a job in Bend. Little did I know back then what was in store — that I would return to Forest Grove in a few years, this time as sports editor, and that I’d be adding the task of getting sports coverage in the Hillsboro Tribune off and running on a weekly basis.

For the most part, the past three-plus years have flown by, and they’ve been good ones, but now it’s time for another change. I’m not actually leaving the area this time, but I am embarking on a new adventure, as by the time you read this, I’ll have started nursing school.

The past few weeks have been a bittersweet time, as I’ve reflected on my career as a full-time journalist drawing to a close and what has been accomplished during my time here. Doing some rough calculations, I figured out that if you collected all of the sports sections Zack Palmer and I have put out since I started back here, and if you read just one per day, it would take you nearly a year to read them all.

It’s a considerable volume of work, and perhaps more important, it’s work I am proud of. This job has not been easy, covering nearly 10 schools between two papers — and schools whose coverage does not overlap almost at all these days. Even within a single season, I’ve been responsible for covering dozens of teams and hundreds of athletes without the ability to be in two places at once. If only I could have managed that, I could have done it all.

Still, for the past several years, especially with major contributions from Zack, staff photographer Chase Allgood and eventually regular freelancer Kent Frasure, we’ve covered as much as we could. While it was never as much as I wanted, it was work well done — we even won some awards to prove it.

I will not miss absolutely everything about this job, but some things I will, such as the different rhythms to the seasons and getting to watch so many great kids do great things. It truly is the people — athletes, coaches, athletic directors, players’ families — who I’ll miss most of all. I couldn’t possibly name everyone who has helped me along the way. So many of you have been so kind to me and so instrumental in helping me do my job. Every email with a story tip, every returned phone call and every interview really did make an impact.

I would like to thank former publisher John Schrag for bringing me back at a time when I was so ready to come home. I’ve had some other amazing coworkers and colleagues as well, including Chase, Nancy, Maureen and Olivia, who are all great at their jobs and wonderful people. I’ll miss visiting with Allison, Liz and Michelle (who are also wonderful people) in the office, even if I was only in there once a month or so (true story).

Most of all, I’d like to thank Zack. I always saw us as a team all the way and I don’t know how we made this crazy Forest Grove/Hillsboro-to-Eugene arrangement work as long as we did, but I’m so glad we did. Life is going to be much different without you in it on a regular basis.

As I said earlier, I don’t like goodbyes, so this column really isn’t one. Besides, there’s a good chance I’ll be seeing at least some of you again when the fall sports season ramps up, as I should be doing some freelancing. So a goodbye likely isn’t completely appropriate.

Instead, when our paths do cross again, please keep saying hello.

Amanda Miles plans to continue writing even after embarking on her nursing career. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..‚