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Local runners gearing up for state meet


Hillsboro junior Lauren Lykins finishes third individually at the Pacific Conference district meet

by: PHOTO BY DAN BROOD - Hillsboro junior Lauren Lykins leads Newbergs Erin Sanders during last Thursdays Pacific Conference district cross country meet, held at Clackamas Community College.

After taking third place in the Pacific Conference district cross country meet last Thursday, Hillsboro junior Lauren Lykins was not happy.

“I’m extremely disappointed in the time I ran,” Lykins said.

Lykins’ time of 20 minutes, 21 seconds was good for third place individually and qualified her for state. So was she really disappointed?

“Absolutely,” Lykins said. “I feel good that I’ve qualified for state again. But I want to go under 19 (minutes) this year.”

Lykins realizes that she may not reach that goal this season, with the last race of the year being the Class 6A state championships in Eugene this Saturday.

“The state course is extremely difficult,” Lykins said. “It’s possible, but it will be really difficult to do.”

If Lykins is able to surprise herself and get her time down to where she wants it to be, she feels that she will have a good chance of being competitive at the state meet.

“There’s a lot of good competitors there,” Lykins said. “If I can get my time down to what I want, then I’ll be in a pretty good position.”

Hillsboro took sixth place as a team at the district meet with 132 points. Tonya Jones finished in 23rd place with a time of 22:23, Cara Kern took 24th place, (22:26), Marley Swanson took 32nd place (23:11), Mikayla Fisher took 50th place (24:41), Mara Tencos took 52nd place (24:52) and Bethany Fry took 56th place (25:49).

“On the girls side, they ran an extremely good race,” Hillsboro coach Bill Kaemmer said. “They were pushing to try to get into the top three. They didn’t get it, but they made that effort, which is good.”

Glencoe Crimson Tide

Glencoe senior Rachel Gibbs qualified individually for the state meet. Her time of 20:51 earned her a seventh-place finish at districts.

“It’s really exciting,” Gibbs said. “I just stayed calm and worked on my form a lot. I tried to run a smart race. I didn’t go out too fast the first mile and took the curves pretty well — not cutting too close to the curves, or going too wide.”

Gibbs is confident that she can do well at the state meet. Her focus is on reaching her time goal.

“I’ve been improving this season and I’m just excited,” Gibbs said. “My goal would be to break 20 (minutes) if I can.”

Glencoe finished in seventh place in the meet with 138 team points. Kari Zickel finished in 19th place with a time of 21:57, Macie Dungan finished in 26th place (22:35), Kayla Kendrick finished in 42nd place (23:58), Chloe Harris finished in 44th place (24:19), Victoria Korynta finished in 46th place (24:21) and Samantha Roof finished in 48th place (24:32).

“Our girls did phenomenal,” Glencoe coach Dennis Rice said. “It was a great race. We’ve gotten better and better every meet this whole entire year.”

Century Jaguars

Century sophomore Mira Gill did not qualify for state, but she was thrilled with how she performed at districts, running a time of 22:41 that put her in 27th place overall.

“I felt like I ran great,” Gill said. “It’s a tough course, but I pushed through and I feel really good about my race. The emotions are really still happy.

“I really tried pushing myself. I’m not upset at all about not going to state because I still have two years left.”

Being Century’s fastest runner in her first season running cross country has Gill confident about what the future might hold.

“I have tons of confidence,” Gill said. “By my senior year I plan on getting below 20 (minutes). This is only my first year of running cross country.”

Century finished in eighth place as a team with 182 points. Ryann Fadden finished in 31st place with a time of 23:05, Celeste Montoya finished in 39th place (23:38), Jade Bawcom finished in 40th place (23:46), Kyra Jorgensen finished in 45th place (24:20), Jessica Justice finished in 47th place (24:30) and Rylee Mattson finished in 55th place (25:39).

“The (district) course isn’t very fast, a lot of turns, no real areas to get momentum,” Century coach John Gill said. “But, they competed really well. I’m proud of them.”

Liberty Falcons

In the Northwest Oregon district meet, held last Wednesday at Blue Lake Park in Gresham, the Liberty girls finished in second place as a team, qualifying for the Class 5A state meet for the first time in program history.

Rachel Khaw took second place overall with a time of 18:53.2. Isabelle Cisco took seventh place (20:14.3), Alexanna Fisher took 19th place (21:18.7), Kiley Bonin took 20th place (21:23), Megan Rose took 31st place (22:33.4), Sydney Rose took 39th place (23:22) and Emma Juth took 45th place (23:57.7).

Glencoe boys sparked by the performances of twin brothers Mason and Miles Rouches

Glencoe junior runners Mason and Miles Rouches had spectators at the Pacific Conference district cross country meet seeing double.

The twins were the textbook definition of “identical.” They were also the top two runners for Glencoe.

Mason Rouches qualified individually for state by taking fifth place with a time of 17 minutes, 15 seconds. Miles Rouches just missed qualifying for the state meet on Saturday in Eugene, taking 13th place with a time of 17:37.

Mason Rouches felt that his performance at districts came down to confidence.

“All of last season I was lacking confidence,” Mason said. “I didn’t really believe in myself. This season, I ran a lot of miles, but I mainly just believed in myself a lot more.”

The twins do not usually try to use each other during races, choosing instead to focus on themselves.

“I usually end up going out faster than he does,” Mason said. “He goes out a little slower and usually we finish right next to each other. We’ve thought of using each other, but we’ve never really done it.”

Still, seeing his brother out in front of him provided Miles Rouches with plenty of motivation.

“It helps me because I know that Mason is in as much, if not more pain than me and I can push through it if he can,” Miles said.

After the district race, Mason Rouches was ecstatic about qualifying for the state meet.

“It feels really good,” Mason says. “It’s my first time qualifying for state. Last year in cross country and track I had a really bad season and it feels really good to redeem myself.”

Mason Rouches is keeping his goals for the state meet manageable.

“I’m not sure how I’ll be able to do,” he said. “I’m hoping to come in 50th place. I’m just really excited. I’ve never run the course.

Glencoe came in sixth place in the meet with 110 team points. Gerrick Rogers took 19th place with a time of 17:53, Brian Gerig took 34th place (18:18), Joseph Rappleaya came in 39th place (18:27), Nate Johnson came in 48th place (18:55) and Jake Brauer came in 55th place (20:35).

“The boys did great,” Glencoe coach Dennis Rice said. “We had guys step up and we did a phenomenal job. I’m really proud of them.”

Century Jaguars

Century sophomore Caleb Younk came into the district meet battling tendonitis in his left hip. Younk was able to gut through the injury, however, and turn in the best time of the day for the Jaguars, taking 25th place with a time of 18:00.

“It was a tough course and recovering from tendinitis in my left hip, that’s feeling pretty bad right now,” Younk said.

Being only a sophomore, Younk is eager to continue improving his times over the next two years and possibly qualifying for the state meet. He said that remaining healthy will be paramount to those goals.

“I really want to keep improving,” Younk said. “I feel like state could be a possibility in future years. I’ve just got to make sure that I rest because if you don’t, you can injure yourself pretty easily.”

Century came in seventh place in the meet with 165 points. Holden Mercurio finished in 30th place with a time of 18:10, Jose Lopez-Soto took 31st place (18:12), Drew Scott took 33rd place (18:18), Ryan Barclar took 46th place (18:45) and D.J. Moore took 50th place (18:58).

“They competed really, really well today,” Century coach John Gill said. “We’ve had some good training over the last couple of weeks and they did their best considering the conditions.”

Hillsboro Spartans

Hillsboro junior Tim McSpadden took 20th place at the district meet with a time of 17:56. Despite being the fastest runner for Hillsboro, McSpadden was disappointed in the way he managed his race.

“I went out too fast,” McSpadden said. “I tried to stay with the leader, but that approach doesn’t usually work out for me. It didn’t today and I died early.”

McSpadden was not overly disappointed with not qualifying for the state meet.

“It doesn’t hurt too bad,” he said. “I did have my hopes on going to state, but everybody wants to.”

That said, McSpadden does plan to keep the 2012 district meet in his memory heading into next season.

“I really want to keep it in my memory, remember the course, remember its challenges, all the turns and really work on everything going into next season,” McSpadden says.

Hillsboro came in eighth place in the meet with 198 points. Adrian Arteaga took 36th place with a time of 18:22, Nolan Kuenzi took 41st place (18:31), Johnathon Waters took 49th place (18:56), Dylan Clemo took 52nd place (19:13), Edward Mendez took 53rd place (19:21) and Bram Rickett took 54th place (20:12).

“On the guys side, they all ran a solid time,” Hillsboro coach Bill Kaemmer said. “It was a good effort. Most of the kids hit the mark that they wanted to. Most were right on their PR or close, so they did fine.”

Liberty Falcons

In the Northwest Oregon district meet, held last week at Blue Lake Park in Gresham, Liberty finished fifth as a team with 101 points.

Michael Francy took 11th place with a time of 17:05.5, Dominick Marshall took 14th place (17:16.3), Alex Dickinson took 22nd place (17:37.3), Jack Stemm took 23rd place (17:39.8), Jonathan Fookes took 31st place (18:12.0), Andres Satey took 34th place (18:22.4) and Alex Richardson took 38th place (18:35.8).