Committee will review candidates before starting interviews at the end of January

Hillsboro High is already in the process of selecting its next football coach to replace Ken Ingram.

The position has been posted for a month now. Currently, a committee is reviewing applications and screening candidates who will be given a chance to interview for the job on Jan. 31.

Says Hillsboro athletic director Steve Drake: “There is a committee made up of community members, youth (football) parents, the youth (football) president, teachers — whether they be coaches or not — some coaches in other sports and then our administration principal and assistant principals. There are also two student athletes. They’ll be screening down the applicants and then interviewing those individuals on the 31st.”

Drake says that the committee has been screening a wide range of applicants interested in the job.

“There are applicants from both inside of our district and outside of our district,” Drake says. “Who we interview will be based on that committee that screens down who the actual applicants will be. There are certainly in-district applicants and there are people outside of our district who are going to be applying also.”

When the dust settles and Hillsboro has hired a new football coach to lead the Spartans in 2013, Drake is hoping that it will be someone who takes a holistic approach to the football program from the youth level to the varsity level.

“Ultimately what we want to instill is a sense of pride in our program from a community standpoint and from a youth standpoint,” Drake says. “Wins and losses aren’t ultimately what we’re after. What we’re truly after is a process where you can see a program being built from the youth level all the way up — from the third grade level all the way to high school.

“Ultimately, we want a clear-cut process where kids are being taught to be successful both at the youth level and at the high school level. We want a clear-cut formation of skills and development so that when they get to high school they’re excited about football and you see that when they get out on the field.”

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