Stephen AlexanderIn the song “Keep Me In Your Heart,” legendary singer/songwriter Warren Zevon sings: “There’s a train leaving nightly called when all is said and done.” After nearly six months, it is time for me to board that train.

This will be my last issue as the sports editor of the Hillsboro Tribune. After this, I will be resuming my former role as a sports reporter for the Portland Tribune.

I will try not to get too sappy, nor too self-centered here, but there are a few things that need to be said.

The most important of those things is what a great sports town Hillsboro is. When I began working this beat, I had no idea how much deep and rich sports history this town holds. From football to wrestling, from swimming to golf, from water polo to baseball, athletic roots run deep in Hillsboro.

The exciting thing for the city is that those roots are growing even deeper. With a minor league baseball team and a minor league football team coming to town this spring (see story on page A17), the tradition of sports in Hillsboro will grow exponentially.

It can be as difficult to be the new reporter in town as the new kid in school. I could not have been more fortunate to have started a new beat in Hillsboro. The people in sports around the city have simply been fantastic. From the athletic directors at Century, Glencoe, Hillsboro and Liberty, to the coaches at those schools, to the prep and college athletes, I was treated with nothing but warmth and respect.

It is because of the exquisite sports culture here and the cooperation of those involved in Hillsboro sports that I was able to write some stories of which I am terrifically proud. In the first issue of the Hillsboro Tribune I promised to tell stories that showed readers what it meant to be human using sports as a canvas. I truly believe that was done during my tenure here.

Stories like that of Melanie Miller, a terminally ill Concordia University volleyball player, or Stephen Harris, a Warner Pacific basketball player who overcame partial paralysis to become a star for the Knights, or Colt Lyerla, the Oregon Ducks’ superstar tight end, moved me as I wrote them and I hope they did the same for you.

The final thank you I want to give is to the readers of the Hillsboro Tribune. Hearing positive feedback from you each and every week was perhaps the highlight of my job.

In that song, Zevon also sings: “If I leave you, it doesn’t mean I love you any less.”

The same is true here. I have loved my time at the Hillsboro Tribune.

I always will.

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