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LAKE OSWEGO VISION CLINIC - David A. Wolf In the rush to get everything settled for the coming school season, an eye exam for your child might not rank high on your to-do list. But an eye exam is one test that EVERY kid should have.

* Your child's eyes are their most important learning tool. As much as 80 percent of a child's learning is visual - from homework and reading to sports and informative videos. If vision problems are present, your child's most important learning tool is compromised, and success in school may be affected.

* "But aren't school vision screenings enough?" This is a question I have heard a lot, and the answer is "NO."

There is an assumption that school screenings and eye exams from an eye doctor are the same. But school vision screenings only check for distance vision and visual sharpness, and that's just 1 of 17 different visual skills that a comprehensive eye exam will assess. School eye screenings can miss up to 80 percent of vision problems, and roughly 10 percent of children who pass a vision screening actually have a vision problem that needs correction.

If your child hasn't an annual eye exam, now is a great time to bring them to Lake Oswego Vision to make sure they have the resources to do their best in school

To stay on top of vision changes, look for warning signs such as squinting, getting too close to look at books or the TV, and frequent eye-rubbing.

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