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Devine Color launches new formula, selection process


Rodda Paint Company will offer new VOC creamy wall coatings and discovery cards

Devine Color has reformulated its popular boutique brand of wall coatings after extensive research and development.

The new zero VOC interior paint retains the creamy texture and touchable, fabric-like finish Devine Color consumers have enjoyed, while enhancing it with premium quality, color-illuminating pigments.

The reformulated paint will be available in the Pacific Northwest through a partnership beginning in June 2013 with Rodda Paint Company.

Rodda will be rolling out the new Devine Color Creamy Wall Coatings through the summer of 2013.

In addition, Rodda also will be introduce Devine Color Discovery Cards, an innovative color selection experience that helps consumers visualize color options holistically in the context of their home’s light, furniture, fabrics and architectural features.

The productions will be offered in a cosmetic-counter inspired display within Rodda stores.

“We are thrilled to bring the complete Devine Color experience to life in Rodda stores and to offer consumers a unique and engaging way to choose color with confidence,” said Joel Wasserman, Devine Color general manager.

Devine Color palette of 209 hues was created 14 years ago by Lake Oswego artist Gretchen Schauffler.

“I’m really excited about offering consumers and designers an amazing color experience at Rodda stores,” Schauffler said. “With this partnership, we can take Devine Color to the next level.”

For more information about Devine Color available through Rodda stores visit roddapaint.com.

For more information and inspiration from Devine Color visit Facebook or DevineColor.com.