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Make those holiday centerpieces special


by: STAFF PHOTOS: JOSH KULLA - Richard Bloom, owner of R. Blooms in Lake Oswego, shares ideas on creating a centerpiece that can be easily updated to the next holiday.

You’ve ordered the turkey, polished the silver and pressed the table linens. The final detail for the Thanksgiving feast? Creating a centerpiece for the table. Richard Bloom, owner of R. Bloom’s in Lake Oswego, offers quick and simple tips for creating a basic centerpiece that can be modified for the Thanksgiving table and then, in a matter of minutes, updated with a Christmas theme that you can enjoy through New Year’s.

For the basic arrangement, Bloom used long-lasting leaves; such as magnolia, salal, pine and ti leaves; and white lilies and mums and then added pumpkins and gourds. He curled the ti leaves to add texture.

This is the basic arrangement of greens, lilies, mums, pumpkins and gourds. Notice the three French votives on the left.

To this basic arrangement he added pheasant feathers and fall-colored ribbon for a Thanksgiving arrangement.

This is a Thanksgiving arrangement with feathers, fall colored ribbon. Notice the cypress on the left.

To transform the arrangement to a Christmas theme, he replaced the feathers with Christmas-themed picks, changed the ribbon and then spray-painted the gourds with matte gold. The matte finish goes nicely with gold-colored jute fabric he likes to use as a table runner.

Here is a Christmas arrangement with pick and Christmas ribbon and the French votives.

Bloom uses short leftover pieces of ribbon in arrangements as they can be curled or folded easily into the arrangement.

“You just need a little,” he said. “Short pieces are perfect to use in arrangements.”

He also likes to group together French votive candles, which are taller than traditional votives, wrapping them with ribbon or covered wire to coordinate with the theme. Three French votives provide the same amount of light as a pillar but at a fraction of the cost.

“You can find these at the Dollar Store in many colors,” he said.

Miniature cypress trees can also be used as centerpieces and with the addition of a ribbon or bauble can change with the season or theme.

“Flowers are as important to the feast as the food,” Bloom said. “It doesn’t matter where you get them, from the grocery store or from us. You just need to include them because they are such an important element.”

For more ideas, products or flowers visit R. Bloom’s at 267 A Ave. in Lake Oswego.