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Juicing your way to good health

Renew Juice Co. is labor of love for West Linn's Lisa Strafford

STAFF PHOTO: CLIFF NEWELL - The blackboard menu at Renew Juice Co. offers a lot of delicious fruit drinks that will make you healthier. Owner Lisa Straffords business is off to a good start.

Lisa Strafford already owns a lot of restaurants, and she plans to open even more.

But the West Linn woman has been thinking about opening a juice bar for years, and now she has done it at the Renew Juice Co. at 1875 Willamette Falls Drive.

Strafford is a confident business woman. She already had expertise in brew pubs, restaurants and pizza parlors, but she had none for juice bars. Opening Renew Juice was a leap of faith.

“This is an itty-bitty place (500 square feet),” Strafford said. “Opening a juice bar was a risk. But I wanted to be part of a place that was really healthy, and I had a passion to learn about it.”

There were very personal reasons for Strafford’s decision.

“My dad had colon cancer and ... drinking juice” helped him heal, Strafford said. “I have had arthritis in my wrists. But since drinking more juice, the pain is a lot less, and I don’t have to take arthritis medication.”

So far, so good. As soon as Strafford opened the doors to Renew Juice Co. just a few weeks ago, there were lines out the door.

The reason West Linners like Renew Juice so much is that it tastes good and is so good for you. The bar offers smoothies of many varieties, pressed juice, and an innovative product called “bowls,” which are filled up with your choice of fruit and topped off with what Strafford calls “good stuff.”

“Everything is made to order,” Strafford said. “We use as many fresh, organic and local products as possible. Everything is super healthy. We have a great chef to design our products and make them the best they can be.”

Plus Strafford’s business is super healthy. Before becoming a restaurant wizard, she taught first grade at Happy Valley Elementary School for 12 years.

“I loved it,” Strafford said. “But I definitely was ready to try something new and be my own boss. Doing this also is better for my schedule. It helps me be a better mom.”

The expansion-minded Strafford plans to soon open another Renew Juice Co., and then another. With a smoothie in her hand, she can drink a toast to good health.

“This is a personal crusade for me,” Strafford said.

For more about Renew Juice Co. in West Linn, go to renewjuiceco.com or call 503-305-7724. The juice bar is open from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. daily.

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