Creative solution to stress becomes mans next job

by: STAFF PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Adel Morgan demonstrates the use of his invention, the Flex Max Fitness Board.  Since childhood, Lake Oswego entrepreneur Adel Morgan has been dreaming up products that would solve problems for people. He thought up paper resistance bands, calf stretchers and even a bulletproof vest packed with technology for police officers, which was created by someone else just 10 years ago.

“The problem is I didn’t have the confidence to move forward with my invention. I thought only big corporations had the power to do something like that, of course, I was in my early teens,” Morgan said.

Fast forward to 2012 and Morgan’s latest invention, the Flex Max, which could serve as proof that necessity is the mother of invention. Morgan had been hired one month after his graduation from Portland State University by a utility company. He was happy in the job and making a good living and then the contract was canceled. He lost his job and decided to study for the LSAT to enter law school.

“I studied for almost 12 hours a day for months; life was miserable,” he said. “My entire body ached so bad I could barely move. I tried stretching with my own body, but I simply couldn’t. I then envisioned creating something that could give me the needed leverage to stretch. I wasn’t going to take the pain anymore, so I took paper and a pencil and drew what would be now the Flex Max. I created a prototype with the leverage I needed to stretch and used it many times a day and was more flexible than I ever was before. I had increased circulation throughout my body and I was able to increase my range of motion for the sports I love to do.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

by: STAFF PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Use of the board is said to improve flexibility and maximize range of motion. The board is small enough to fit in a purse, making it easy to take anywhere.Morgan’s Flex Max Fitness Boards are sold at local chiropractic offices, yoga studios and Lamb’s Market in Wilsonville, as well as online at

The Flex Max is a lightweight, compact (4 1?„2 by 9 1?„2 inches) board that can easily fit in purses or backpacks. Morgan says use of the product will stimulate blood flow and increase joint strength, aid in recovery from injury, maximize range of motion and improve flexibility.

“The response I’m getting from customers is phenomenal,” Morgan said. “Chiropractic doctors are now telling me their patients love it (as it is) curing them faster from injury versus using traditional bands. Golf players are telling me that Flex Max has helped their shoulder injuries and has increased their range of motion for a better golf game.”

He hopes the Flex Max will become a standard piece of equipment in fitness centers in the near future, like resistance bands, which were another great, yet simple idea someone dreamed up.

“The truth is every single man and woman on this earth is born with genius powers of untouched reserves of creativity, but we tend to lose confidence in ourselves and give up so fast. ... What separates a genius and failure is a genius will always trust in what they believe holds true value,” Morgan said.

To learn more about Flex Max, visit or call 503-334-7536.

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