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The Iron Gate offers infinite variety of antique and vintage items for home and lawn

by: TIDINGS, REVIEW PHOTO: CLIFF NEWELL - There's no place like home. Except for The Iron Gate, an incredibly interesting shop that just opened in Lake Oswego on Boones Ferry Road.It's easy to get into The Iron Gate Cottage. The hard part is leaving it.

That is because the new Lake Oswego store has so many different kinds of antiques and vintage finds to make your yard and home wonderful. Or as owner Adrian McMahon likes to put it, "There's so much cool stuff. You need to stay here at least an hour."

McMahon and his wife, Karlin, are like a whirlwind, sweeping up so many enchanting things for their business at 16722 S.W. Boones Ferry Road. The reaction from customers has been just what they were hoping for.

"We've been nothing but happy turning this place into our vision," McMahon said. "The feedback is so great, it couldn't be better. People say, 'It's charming, inviting, it makes you want to shop.'"

Nestled under some shady trees, The Iron Gate Cottage easily beckons people to come in. Then the fun starts. You want a gazebo? There's a nice big one right there. There is also home decor, furniture, French crystal, American Primitive items, ironworks — the inventory goes on and on.

"I've been asked 10 times where we get all of these cool, rare, unique finds," McMahon said. "I tell them everywhere."

But possibly the best things of all are the little statues of ducks, angels, jockeys, saints and a gag statue of a horse sticking its head into a bale of hay. There is no jaded shopping at The Iron Gate Cottage.

by: TIDINGS, REVIEW PHOTO: CLIFF NEWELL - The Iron Gate offers plenty of little things, but it also offers big things, like this rather amazing iron gazebo, suitable for moon gazing, meditating, etc.This is all wonderful for McMahon, a Lake Oswego guy who is pleased as punch to have a business in his hometown. He was more than ready for a change after owning a mobile auto detailing business for 10 years.

"After the bad economy hit, we had to recoup," McMahon said. "I was tired of all the rigmarole."

His bright idea to start a vintage items store started when he went to an estate sale and bought some "really good, solid furniture." As he and Karlin accumulated items, their friends urged them to start a business online. That went so well that in February of this year the McMahons opened their own outlet at the Oregon Antique Mall.

That is where things stalled, but only briefly. A tiff between owners and operators resulted in the mall closing down in May. But the McMahons got lucky when they spotted a great space that had been vacant for four years and had once been the Molehill Farm.

"We talked to the Denton family (owners of the property) about our idea and they got very excited about what we wanted to do," McMahon said. "We worked like crazy on remodeling the place, 18 to 20 hours a day. But I loved every moment I was here."

McMahon thinks The Iron Gate Cottage is irresistible, and he thinks his customers will agree.

The Iron Gate is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, and noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday. Monday shopping is available by appointment only. For more information, call 503 330-3910.