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Renea Ostermiller makes clients fit at their convenience

by: REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Renea Ostermiller got her body back after motherhood with hard work and determination. Now, she’s helping other women do the same. Renea Ostermiller got her body back. Now she wants to help you get your body back. The Lake Oswego fitness trainer adjusts to her clients needs, and many of them, especially mothers, opt to have their training right in their own home.

“So many women just get on a treadmill for an hour when they’re in a gym,” Ostermiller said. “They’re uncomfortable going into a weight room. That’s because they’ve never been showed how to lift weights. When they find they can lift more than 3 pounds, I love the look they get in their eyes. It’s such an empowering feeling.

“From then on, there’s nothing stopping them from reaching their potential.”

Nothing stopped Ostermiller from reaching her potential once she set her mind to it. As a sports-loving kid growing up in Willow Springs, Mo., she played on all of her high school teams and started lifting weights at age 15. But as she got older and became a wife and mother of two children, her high level of fitness began to slip away. She didn’t like it.

“After having my second child I decided I wanted to get my body back,” Ostermiller said. “I was always interested in physical fitness because it was such a healthy way to live.”

She got her body back and then some. She got so fit that she began entering fitness contests.

While she worked out, she also researched diets so that when she decided to become a fitness trainer she had a complete package to offer her students. She also offers a feature not often given: coming to a client’s home.

“Training in my own home would have been a convenience I would have loved to have had,” Ostermiller said. “A lot of new moms feel stuck at home, and most gyms don’t offer child care until they get a little older.”

A stronger mom is a happier mom. But Ostermiller offers much more than her expertise on weight training. She brings her own equipment to home training sessions. She also emphasizes cardiovascular workouts and, especially, eating right.

“They usually have only two one-hour workouts a week,” Ostermiller said. “So there’s a lot of time between sessions. They need to have lots of information about a healthy diet and lifestyle to become really fit.”

The demands of motherhood and her new training career caused Ostermiller to give up competing in bikini and figure contests. But that doesn’t mean her clients can’t — like Nicole Darabi, who is now in training for a fitness contest in seven weeks. Darabi raves about how Ostermiller has changed her life.

“Renea has taken me to a new level of fitness,” Darabi said. “She has completely changed my body, and that is amazing. Besides being my trainer, she is a friend, and I know I can ask her any question. She’s like a book of knowledge about fitness. I want to work out with her as long as she’ll have me.”

Ostermiller’s personal training business is called Bridgeport Fitness. For more information, call 503-330-3300 or visit bridgeportfitness.com.

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