Kathy Maixner can help a company sell, sell, sell

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - When it comes to selling, Kathy Maixner is the best. In fact, she is writing a book about itThe bad thing about the selling profession is that people can say, “No.”

But that only encourages Kathy Maixner of West Linn.

“I get thrown out a lot,” Maixner cheerfully admitted. “I almost enjoy it. I’m serious about getting a thrill — not knowing what’s behind the door, then closing the deal.”

As owner of The Maixner Group, Maixner helps her clients experience the thrill of victory much more than they experience the agony of defeat.

This fact is becoming well known. Maixner recently received a rave review from Bill Conerly, one of the top economic gurus in the Northwest, on

Her clients, like Rick Dubnow of Image 3D, say things about her like, “Because of my work with Kathy I now have a company positioned for exponential growth.”

Her wisdom often shows up on KOIN 6 news, KKGT radio and in the Portland Business Journal.

Maixner laughs a lot and is self-effacing. But when you can help a client acquire a $7 million annual contract in a competitive bidding situation, you are doing something right.

Clients call Maixner when their sales force hits a wall.

“They think they have a sales culture, but they don’t,” Maixner said. “They have sales training, but it doesn’t stick. They don’t follow up and enforce it. I make sure the learning goes on.”

Conerly’s article cited a prime example of Maixner’s expertise. It came with a credit union that was signing up few new customers. Strangely enough, she helped the credit union tellers become better sellers by telling them they weren’t selling.

“I got them into what they valued in work,” Maixner said. “Not selling but helping members. In training I re-identified the word ‘sales’ to something they could relate — ‘Could that be of interest to you?’ Now they felt they were helping the customer.”

Once this lesson kicked in, referrals at the credit union went up and up.

Maixner has been turning out super salespeople for 15 years, since moving to West Linn. Apparently, she can sell anything that can be sold. She sells homes, trains other to sell homes and even shows contractors how to sell homes. Plus she teaches car salespeople how to sell cars.

No one should be excluded from Maixner’s method. She is now writing a book about the cold call (which she prefers to call the initial contact) and getting your foot in the door.

Maixner said, “It’s for anyone in a professional service where you have to meet face to face with a customer and how to do it effectively.”

More about The Maixner Group can be found at

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