New Evolution interior paint line to launch May 23

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Devine Color will not be available at Miller Paint after May 22. Miller is offering a 40 percent discount on the remaining inventory. Miller Paint Company has announced it will sever its relationship with the Devine Color brand on May 22, 2013.

While Miller Paint maintains ownership of the paint formula and color formulas, use of the Devine Color trademarks will be discontinued and the licensing agreement terminated with Valspar Corp., the owner of the brand.

The change allows Miller Paint to expand and relaunch the Devine Color paint formula as a new line of interior paint, Evolution.

“This is very good news, big news,” said Steve Dearborn, president and CEO of Miller Paint. “For all intents and purposes, we are just putting a different wrapper on the paint.”

Dearborn explained that in 2001, Miller Paint formulated, developed and began selling a new “super-premium” paint product under the trademarked brand name Devine Color, which was licensed from Lake Oswego businesswoman Gretchen Schauffler.

Schauffler transitioned ownership of the Devine Color trademark to Minneapolis-based Valspar Corporation in August 2009 and Miller Paint retained exclusive use of the Devine Color trademark in Oregon and Washington. With the sale, Valspar held the option to buy the trademark from Miller at a later date.

“Valspar decided to buy the rights back,” said Dearborn. “That happened Feb. 21 and we have 90 days to wind down the (Devine Color) operation. We are offering our inventory of Devine Color paints at 40 percent off until May 23.”

Dearborn said though Miller may not have initiated the change on its own, the timing couldn’t be more perfect, since specialty color palettes typically have a lifespan of about a dozen years. Miller’s new Evolution interior paint will launch on May 23, as will a new color collection named COLOREVOLUTION. The collection includes many of the same colors customers have enjoyed for the past 12 years as well as shades selected by a group of Northwest designers. In all, the collection includes 168 colors.

“Even after 123 years, we keep improving,” said Dearborn. “Evolution interior paint is our finest, most advanced paint, and one that our Northwest customers have enjoyed for the last 12 years under the Devine Color label. If a customer is looking for the best, they are going to love Evolution interior paint.”

Miller Paint Company can be purchased at any of the 49 company-owned stores in Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho and at select private dealers. For more information, visit

In Lake Oswego, there’s a Miller Paint Store at 544 N. State St., phone 971-204-0007.

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