Recent awards reflect KAMIND IT impact on businesses

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Matt Katzer, left, and Don Crawford make business communications more efficient and less costly by offering Office 365.

You will not encounter a huge office for KAMIND IT, located in a shopping mall on Meadows Road in Lake Oswego.

It doesn’t need to be big because there are only two people there, partners Matt Katzer and Don Crawford.

But what KAMIND lacks in size it makes up for in effectiveness in the way Katzer and Crawford provide service with Office 365, which offers a huge increase in efficiency accompanied by a huge decrease in cost.

This is apparent because of the prestigious awards received by the information technology consulting firm over the past two years. KAMIND was named the Microsoft West Region Community Partner of the Year for 2013, an award that recognizes the excellence achieved by small- and medium-sized businesses.

That honor was a follow-up to Microsoft’s prestigious Northwest Cloud Partner of the Year Award for 2012.

If you get the idea that Microsoft likes KAMIND you are right. Their other big-time customers include Starbucks, Coca Cola, Toyota and British Airways.

“KAMIND is pleased to be acknowledged in this way by Microsoft,” said Katzer, the company’s founder and principal. “It is a much appreciated recognition of our team and adds further credibility to our customer service and to our technical expertise.”

Crawford said, “Out of the thousands of customers associated with Microsoft, our company was singled out, which is wonderful.”

Much closer to home, KAMIND is also appreciated by John DeCosta of Lake Oswego, owner of DeCosta Properties. His real estate company has enjoyed a sharp increase in communications efficiency ever since DeCosta signed up with Katzer and Crawford three years ago.

“Their Office 365 package coordinates all of our computers, iPads and cell phones,” DeCosta said. “Data bases are shared by our team, emails appear on all of our devices. The cost is small and the results are terrific. I have recommended KAMIND to many, many people.

“We were hesitant about making this change because we are so busy. But KAMIND helps me to be more responsive to clients and that’s why we got it. Our business is commission based, so the faster we go the better.”

KAMIND has spread such happiness in 18 states and four foreign countries.

“We’ve cut down on onsite support needs and reduced costs,” Katzer said. “That is especially attractive because of the economy we went through.”

“These two gents (Katzer and Crawford) look after the needs of 4,500 people,” Crawford said. “It’s either because Microsoft is seamless or because these guys work 28 hours a day.”

The truth lies somewhere in between. Office 365 is a great service and Crawford and Katzer work extremely hard. KAMIND now has 300 customers, both large and small, which is double from what they had the previous year, and “the two gents” anticipate gaining 100 more customers over the coming year.

“You can focus on things that grow your business,” Katzer said. “That is really the message of Office 365.”

Katzer, Crawford and KAMIND are branching out. Intel will publish their new book on Office 365 in October.

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by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - These two major awards from Microsoft are a strong indication of the growing reputation of KAMIND.

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