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LO business dynamo seeks to increase local jobs by attracting foreign investors

Bo Rinaldi

Bo Rinaldi has lost none of his pizzazz from the time when he was known as the “Jerry McGuire of Silicon Valley.”

“A talent agent extraordinaire” was how Rinaldi was described in a lengthy article in The New York Times in 1997. He rode the great Internet wave of the 90s like a champion surfer, lifting obscure software programmers from semi-poverty to big bucks. Rinaldi was also described as coming on more like a Hollywood agent than an employee recruiter for titans like Steve Jobs.

Rinaldi still comes on like a Hollywood agent today. He is living a relatively quiet life in Lake Oswego, but his irrepressible vitality is as great as ever with his new venture, C2M Services LLC. Instead of helping downtrodden software programmers in Silicon Valley, Rinaldi wants to create an employment boom in Lake Oswego and the surrounding area by attracting money from companies in China, Asia, India, Mexico, South America and other economic powerhouses. His sales talk is ebullient.

“We started C2M in 2012,” Rinaldi said. “We provide EB-5 services.”

This involves obtaining green cards for foreign investors by helping them create 10 jobs on American soil over a two-year period. Ten jobs over two years sounds like child’s play for Rinaldi. He is confident of future success.

“It’s all about job creation in our local economy,” he said. “We handle everything that an investor company needs. We’re experts in EB-5 activity. The investor puts up $500,000 and we do the rest. We can expedite the green card process. We know that the governments can be slow.”

Rinaldi has his eye on a giant golden egg. The U.S. government has $3 billion to spend on the EB-5 program, and Rinaldi said, “It’s my idea to bring more of that money to the Portland area. Previously that money was used to create jobs in construction. It’s now been shifted to create jobs that everyone can have. I want to give this fantastic program to Lake Oswego and the surrounding area.

“People don’t know this program is available to them. It’s the best-kept secret around. Foreign countries can get their green card in two years instead of maybe never. We want more foreign money coming into the USA instead of out of the USA.”

Rinaldi doesn’t claim he can put an end to the employment problem in America, but he thinks he can put a dent in it.

“There are very good college graduates who can’t find a job,” he said. “There are also mothers who want to get out of the house.”

Once this money starts oiling up America’s economic engine, Rinaldi said even more companies and more jobs could be the result.

Rinaldi left Silicon Valley to move to Lake Oswego nine years ago, and he has kept busy with many business enterprises. One of the best known is the Blossoming Lotus Restaurant in Portland. But perhaps his most significant endeavor has been keeping 300 of Oregon’s organic farmers busy with supplying food to restaurants.

Rinaldi still has the same energy and passion he’s always had. Maybe soon he will be known as the Jerry McGuire of the Willamette Valley.

For more about C2M Services, go to the website c2mservices.com.

by: REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - The C2M team is ready to roll on helping Lake Oswegos economy. In front is company founder Michael J. Laskey. In back, from left, are Nichola Jones, Allyson Carroll and Bo Rinaldi.

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