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A one-stop shop for chocolate


Mirolo Chocolatier brings delicious variety to Lake Grove

by: REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTOS: VERN UYETAKE - Rose Northover offers a smile and many shelves of chocolate goodness at Mirolo Chocolatier. She expects to strike a chord with Lake Grove chocolate lovers.

Michael and Rose Northover liked everything about Lake Grove when they moved there from New York City seven years ago. It took just one look to fall in love with the place.

“The first time I saw Mount Hood I said, ‘OK, I like it,’” Rose Northover said. “This is perfect.”

Actually, not quite perfect. Lake Grove lacked a chocolate shop like the many located in their native Big Apple. So the Northovers became chocolate pioneers here, and they are pulling out all the stops. Whoever drops by Mirolo Chocolatier will be satisfied and chocolatefied.

People can’t miss the place. The name “Mirolo Chocolate” is in big, bold letters at a location right on Mercantile Drive that is easily visible to everyone driving down Boones Ferry Road. Many drivers will be saying, “Hello, chocolate.”

“This can be your one-stop shop for everything chocolate,” said Michael Northover, who comes from the chocolate-loving nation of England. “We combine chocolates with an old-fashioned soda fountain.”

That means chocolate sodas, which are sadly rare to find in this day and age, chocolate floats and chocolate milkshakes. And, believe it or not, the Northovers even offer Brooklyn chocolate egg creams, a real New York City specialty. That means Mirolo passes the ultimate chocolate test. Plus they also offer absolutely huge cakes and coffee.

“We have high-end chocolate for adults, and we also do rocky road bars for kids,” Michael Northover said. “We have anything for everybody.”

Especially themselves.

“Rose and I have been talking about doing this for a long time, and we did a lot of research,” Michael Northover said. “We’ve designed the whole place around what we would like, and we really focused on Lake Grove. We live here and we wanted to serve our community. Now there’s no reason to drive to Portland for chocolate.”

One of the first things you may notice about the chocolates at Mirolo is that they are small and colorful, from colored cocoa butter.

“Our style of chocolate is to have a good, crisp shell and not too much gooey ganache,” Diane Northover said. “It’s also low on sugar. Our brand of chocolate is really good. It’s Valrhona chocolate (made in France), one of oldest chocolates in the world.”

“We’ve made the shapes simple, but we’ve made them eye catching,” Michael Northover said.

Lake Grove chocolate shoppers can even watch chocolates being made in the shop through a window to the kitchen.

Mirolo Chocolatier is located at 3970 Mercantile Drive, suite 110. For more information, call 503-342-6010 or visit mirolochox.com.