Jessica Hart honors her grandfather with Gompers Gin

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Jessica Hart gets a kiss from her beloved late grandfather, Herman Gompers. The gin named in his honor will soon be on shelves in West Linn.

Former West Linn resident Jessica Hart may live in Texas now, but she wanted her new Gompers Gin to have an Oregon touch.

She and her husband, Michael, are using an eco-friendly distillery in Bend that is located on a 24-acre farm and uses Oregon water. After months of preparation, all of the labeling and federal licensing is complete, and the Harts are moving fast to get their product on the market. Especially in her former hometown.

“Our gin is being sold at the West Linn Liquor Store,” said Hart, “and in many bars in the Portland area, especially in the Pearl District.”

Hart recently visited West Linn and visited old friends who have supported her in starting her own business. They celebrated by drinking Gompers Gin. It is getting early rave reviews.

“People are saying it is great for mixing, but a lot of people want to drink it straight up,” Hart said. “My husband has a huge passion for gin, and he wanted to make a gin that is more citrus oriented. Our feedback has been great. People are very excited about it.”

Hart said this won’t be “your grandfather’s gin,” which was rough and tough around the edges. Gompers Gin can be imbibed straight up or blended with cocktails.

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Gompers Gin is a new product developed by West Linn native Jessica Hart and her husband, Michael.

While the Harts’ main goal was to produce an excellent and successful product, they also wanted to honor Jessica’s grandfather, Herman Gompers, because he epitomized the best of the human spirit. The idea for naming the gin after him came at her grandfather’s funeral. She was uplifted by the thought that despite experiencing so much tragedy in his eventful life, Herman Gompers was a joyful man.

“He survived the Holocaust,” Hart said. “His oldest brother, Ben, and later his parents died in the Holocaust. But my grandfather had such a passion for life. He thought he was such a lucky man and such a rich man because he was so blessed by his family. He was amazing. He never went through life bitter or ever thought life owed him anything.”

Hart is eager to introduce Gompers Gin to West Linn, where she lived until two years ago. She attended Sunset Elementary School, Bolton Middle School and West Linn High School.

Hart’s parents still live in West Linn.

The Harts have just launched a new website at

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