Lake Oswego doctor now has more time for patients thanks to MDVIP

Dr. Steven Hashiguchi has made a big change in his medical career so he can practice medicine the way he has always done.

Hashiguchi will still practice at the Olson Clinic in Lake Oswego, just as he has since 2000, but now he is doing it as a member of MDVIP (MD Value in Prevention). The company promotes what is known as “concierge medicine,” which puts the highest emphasis on physician-patient relationships that result in better health for the patient. Not to mention less wear and tear on a doctor.


“This model allows you to continue to spend quality time with your patients,” Hashiguchi said. “I am very excited about this.”

Hashiguchi is a trend setter when it comes to concierge medicine in the Northwest, but MDVIP has become increasingly well established in recent years. The company now has a network of 700 physicians across the nation who treat over 200,000 patients.

“We bring doctors and patients together,” said Dan Hecht, CEO of MDVIP. “We’re getting them well and keeping them well.”

Hecht said MDVIP got started because of the wide feeling that, “There has to be a better way” for medical treatment.

“Patients are tired of the rule of three days wait for a patient to see a doctor,” Hecht said. “Then you only see a doctor for a few minutes. That is becoming less and less acceptable. We need more choices and options and a sense of mutual trust that lets patients get what they’re looking for in the health system. This is an emerging trend, especially in the last year or two.”

MDVIP was founded in Boca Raton, Fla. in 2000, designed as a way for physicians to practice personalized, proactive medicine, not just detection and treatment of disease. Under MDVIP a doctor sees 600 patients, about a fourth of the number of patients usually seen by a physician. A patient pays a fee of $1,650, and the first visit consists of an extensive physical — covering such areas as predicting cardiac risk, bone health, vision, and respiratory matters — from which a health plan is devised.

Follow-up treatment is also thorough. Patients are encouraged to call and email doctors about their questions.

Hecht says that this is a model that works.

“Statistics validate our model,” he said. “Once patients experience this they love it.”

Hashiguchi loves it, too. He encountered MDVIP last summer and, following talks with doctors around the country, he found it was the way he wanted to go.

“Patients listen and ask the right questions to formulate a plan,” Hashiguchi said. “It has made me a better physician instead of staying at the office 14 hours a day to do all of the paperwork required by the government and insurance companies. It’s incredible.”

It is also an inefficient system.

Hashiguchi said, “It’s been found that electronic records are 20 to 25 percent less efficient time-wise than the paper charts we used to have.”

Although his concierge model practice has only been going a few weeks, Hashiguchi said his patients really like it.

“They’re very excited about it,” he said. “Even the patients who haven’t signed up for it.”

Olson Clinic is located at 16455 SW Boones Ferry Road.

For more about MDVIP, go to

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