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Couple launches video marketing business

Compass Rose Video focuses on helping small business and entrepreneurs stand out from their competitors

SUBMITTED PHOTOS: COMPASS ROSE - Through their business Compass Rose Video, Geoff Weinberg and Jeany Park help small businesses tell their stories.

Jeany Park and Geoff Weinberg are living proof that opposites attract.

Park’s a trained actor and playwright with an outstanding background in the performing arts; Weinberg is an electrical engineer who likes to solve mechanical problems. But in 19 years of marriage, the West Linn couple has seen a little bit of themselves in each other.

“Jeany is kind of on the artistic side of nerdy, and I’m on the nerdy side of artistic, so we meet in the middle,” Weinberg said.

With a daughter moving into her teenage years, the couple has decided to pool their talents in a new business venture — Compass Rose Video.

The home-based business is designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures grow with the power of video. The company offers video production and editing services, and also helps customers craft their messaging and connect with clients on a more personal level.

“It hit me like a bolt of lightning that this was a huge hole in the entrepreneurial market,” said Park, who is also certified life coach and public speaking coach. “I got totally excited about the possibility of marrying my experience in front of the camera as an actress with my love of coaching. In the process, we get to help so many small business owners who are intimidated by using video.”

Before launching Compass Rose Video in July, Park and Weinberg did some market research to gauge the demand for video and forecast its potential benefits for clients.

According to Park, one minute of video on a commercial website is equivalent to 1.8 million words, and 85 percent of online consumers will purchase a product if the website has video.

“A lot of people are savvy enough to know how important video is right now,” she said, “but they’re really looking for guidance.”

“It’s a bit of figuring out what the market needs,” Weinberg said. “We can’t do it all, but we can do what we can and do it well.”

While doing their research, the couple also had to look at themselves to identify their personal strengths. Determining who does what best and then defining their roles in the business has helped them navigate the first few months being in business.

Park serves in more of a client-facing role, capturing business and helping clients with their messaging. Weinberg works the technical side, operating the video camera and serving in post-production.

When needed, they rent space in Oregon City for studio shoots.

“I’m really the driving force, the face of the business,” Park said. “I work with the clients and sort of direct them. Geoff’s more behind the scenes.”

Another key for success, Park said, was staying focused on the target market. She’s been pleased with the work they’ve done with their first batch of clients, including Cocoon Wellness Center in Tigard and Stephanie Connects, a business networking strategies firm.

“We’re trying to stick to our niche of small businesses and entrepreneurs,” she said. “Business has been great so far. We’ve only been at it for three months and it’s sort of like getting a mini-MBA.”

As the business has launched, Weinberg has continued with his regular day job as an electrical engineer at MSEI, a Lake Oswego-based manufacturer of medical implants.

His work with Compass Rose Video is pretty much relegated to the weekends.

“Some of the other hobbies have had to take a back seat for now,” Weinberg said. “I think we’re striking the right balance so far.”

Currently, the couple is focused on growing their business locally and making an impact in their own community.

“Ninety percent of business owners will fail within the first five years and we don’t want to see that happening to our fellow local small business owners,” Park said.

“Helping people is one of the main drivers for us,” Weinberg said. “A lot of people out want production help and technology help, and it’s just natural for us.”

Contact Phil Favorite at philfavorite@gmail.com or call 503-659-5433.

Jeany Park serves in more of a client-facing role, capturing business and helping clients with their messaging.


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