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Nice guy Burt opens garage door to success

TwoMorrow's offers full line of service in West Linn

SUBMITTED PHOTO - If Brandon Burt looks happy, its because he is. The West Linner loves his new business, TwoMorrows Garage Doors.

When people meet Brandon Burt for the first time they might think, “What a nice guy.”

When they find out he knows practically everything about the garage door business they might like him even more.

By opening TwoMorrow’s Garage Doors in West Linn, Burt is putting this great knowledge to good use.

“It has everything in the garage door world,” Burt said.

Burt has had deep experience in the garage door business, including the last four years as a distributor for a major garage door manufacturer. Starting his own business made good sense.

“I thought if I ever started my own business, this is the one to try,” Burt said. “I’ve been fairly successful in sales, and I know my product really well.”

As a holder of a Master of Business Administration from Marylhurst University, Burt said, “I can really get creative ideas of what I can do.”

Burt can also provide plenty of evidence of what great investments garage doors are.

“Remodeling Magazine says garage doors are one of the safest investments you can make for cost and value,” he said. “People see all of their money back and more.”

Burt’s business offers repairs, service, replacements and tune-ups for garage doors, which is pretty much what most garage door business offers. What makes TwoMorrow’s different is Burt himself. Even more than selling garage doors, he wants to be a good neighbor.

“The thing I like is the opportunity to help people,” Burt said. “I want to get out and make lives a little better. I’ve discovered that one will do well in business if they go the extra mile in helping people.”

After three months in business, Burt’s weeks have been busy with lots of customers from West Linn and Lake Oswego.

“It’s still a startup. It’s scary,” he said. “Until now I’ve been promoting everyone else’s business.

“But this is fun. I don’t miss my other jobs at all. I’ve found that this business brings out the best in me.”

Burt leads a merry family life with his wife and five children, and he even loves his in-laws. From their name, Morrow, he got the play on words that make up the title of his business.

For more about TwoMorrow’s Garage Doors, go to twomorrowsgaragedoors.com or call 503-807-2165. It is located at 1165 S.W. Borland Road in West Linn.

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SUBMITTED PHOTO - Brandon Burts faithful truck bears a giant logo of TwoMorrows Garage Doors. His service is opening a lot of doors around town.