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Device Doctors aim to fix phones, iPads

Ryan Isbell opens storefront for phone repair business

STAFF PHOTOS: VERN UYETAKE  - Device Doctors owner Ryan Isbell, left, and technician Ian van Witzenburg, are able to repair iPhones, iPads, iPods and other electronic devices.

Frustrated with your phone? Puzzled by your iPad? You’ve got a friend in the technology business. Ryan Isbell of Lake Oswego has opened Device Doctors in Lake Oswego, a business devoted to repairs of iPhones and other smartphones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks and tablets.

“It was a business born out of necessity,” Isbell said, pointing to his first iPhone sitting on the front counter in the shop. “I’d dropped my phone and had to figure out how to fix it.” Isbell, who says he has always enjoyed taking things apart, seeing how they work and putting them in working order, began fixing iPhone for friends and family. His reputation grew and he launched a mobile repair business to handle the load.

“But I realized I was doing a lot of driving and we found this spot,” he said. “It’s been a family affair to get the space ready to open.”

The business opened on State Street in mid-December.

Phones are expense to replace and it is inevitable that they get dropped or immersed in water, or damaged in some other way. Isbell gets satisfaction repairing phones, rather than seeing people have to make an expensive replacement. He repairs a lot of cracked screens and dries out plenty of phones, using a micro-soldering method.

Device Doctors’ main technician is Ian van Witzenburg, who formerly was a technician for Apple.

“Our main goal is to help people understand their technology,” Isbell said. “It’s not uncommon to buy an iPhone and not know all that it can do. We will sit down with people one-on-one and walk them through their phone, show them what it will do. There is always something new with technology.”

He said technology can be confusing to people and often consumers don’t take full advantage of their equipment.

“There are no stupid questions,” he said. “We just want to provide a place that is comfortable to teach folks about their equipment. We want you to have more knowledge when you leave.”

Device Doctors will hold an open house at a later date. The shop is open 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday.

“But I am always available for emergency calls,” Isbell said.

The business also offers a variety of accessories, and provides loaner phones during service periods.

Device Doctors is located at 650 N. State St. in Lake Oswego. Learn more online at devicedoctorspdx.com or call 503-451-3413.

Device Doctors is open seven days a week. Isbell, left and Van Witzenburg can teach you how to use technology.