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Marlo Lemmon has launched Coco Lemmon, offering healthy treats that taste great

REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Lemmon enjoys experimenting to get just the right flavors and textures in her baked goods. She will be selling at the Sellwood and Lake Oswego farmers markets this season.Does your sweet tooth argue with your self-control? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could satisfy your cravings for a sweet treat without the guilt of having broken your diet resolve? Baker Marlo Lemmon makes it possible for you to have your cake and eat it, too. She has launched Coco Lemmon, a new bakery offering healthy treats that taste great.

Lemmon describes herself as “a passionate foodie with the overall purpose for food to be nourishing, taste great and never make you feel like you are missing out on anything.” She is passionate about food and what she puts into her body, but says she wasn’t always that way. When in college, she ate “whatever was in front of me, cheap or open late.” She says she has “junk food taste buds” and craves comfort foods, which set her on a path in adulthood where she eventually didn’t feel happy or healthy, or even recognized herself in the mirror.

“I decided then and there that the only way I would make this new lifestyle stick was to make my choices enjoyable ones that I looked forward to,” she said. “Besides switching my fitness routine and being more active, I removed from my diet the common allergens that tend to cause havoc and inflammation in the body. Not only for weight loss but to obtain the true definition of health. This started my creative obsession. I found ways to replace some of my favorite cravings and ingredients with a healthier, high-quality version that actually had purpose and a reason for eating it. I’m all about eating things with value, or else what is the point? The other thing that was just as important was taste, which meant skimping on flavor was not an option.”

Lemmon began experimenting and now, eight years later, she offers a line of baked goods made of clean ingredients — no flour, butter or sugar — just organic natural, non-GMO ingredients. She uses almond flour, coconut oil and sweetens with coconut nectar.

STAFF PHOTOS: VERN UYETAKE  - Marlo Lemmon has launched her new baking company, offering treats that are good tasting and good for you. Shown are chocolate donuts, churro cupcakes and hot chocolate cupcakes on the taller tier.“They have no sugar and are gluten free,” she said. “These are fun treats you don’t have to think twice about eating.”

She bakes in a commercial kitchen and sells the baked goods on her website, cocolemmon.com, and will be selling at the Sellwood and Lake Oswego farmers markets this season.

The lineup includes churro cupcakes, chocolate donuts, hot chocolate cupcakes, biscuits, cookies and more. And it is constantly evolving.

“Creating new products and experimenting is fun,” she said.

Lemmon’s family and friends have been supporting of her new venture, especially when it comes to taste testing.

“With my husband, family and friends being my ‘real’ taste testers, I know I have nailed a recipe when they give their approval,” she said. After almost a decade of experimenting and creating, Lemmon decided to offer her baked goods to the general public.

“Because life without treats ... well, that is just something I can’t be part of,” she said.

To learn more about Coco Lemmon, visit http://www.cocolemmon.com or call Lemmon at 503-866-8641.

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