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Piece of Cake Bakery wins beer-infused cupcake competition

SUBMITTED PHOTO  - Shelby Page, a baker with Piece of Cake Bakery in Sellwood, poses with the bakerys winning entry in Portland Brewings Beer-Infused Cupcake Competition. Page, with owner Marilyn DeVault, baked an Apricot ale and Irish oatmeal cupcake with apricot and mango compote and maple buttercream icing topped with cashew brittle.

Piece of Cake Bakery owner Marilyn DeVault and baker Shelby Page recently won Portland Brewing Company’s Beer-Infused Cupcake Competition.

“Apricot ale and Irish oatmeal makes cakes sing!” DeVault said. “That was the title of our cake. We had Irish oatmeal drenched in apricot ale. Apricots and mango marinated in beer added to the Irish oatmeal cake formula. (There was) handcrafted apricot and mango compote on top, (and it was) iced in maple buttercream and topped with cashew brittle. We won, and our team is so excited!”

The competition was a benefit for Friendly House, a nonprofit neighborhood center and social services agency in Portland.

DeVault was proud of her team in developing the winning recipe.

“Shelby Page has worked with me at the bakery for over 10 years,” she said. “She also went to Toronto, Canada with me to the Cooking Channel’s ‘Sugar Showdown.’ She has amazing talent!”

DeVault, who lives in Lake Oswego, established her award-winning Piece of Cake Bakery in 1978. It is located at 8306 S.E. 17th Ave. in Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood. Learn more online at pieceofcakebakery.net.

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