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Photo Credit: STAFF PHOTOS: VERN UYETAKE - Daughter Marlo Yapp Lemmon, left, and mother Tam Yapp are dedicated to improving the health of the community by encouraging people to improve their gut flora by using their Real Food Real Life food products.

When a child’s health is at stake, most mothers will go to extremes to restore the child to healthfulness. That is exactly what West Linn resident Tamara Yapp has done. When her son, CJ, was diagnosed with autism, she began an exhaustive search to find help, healing and health for him. And now Yapp is sharing with the public what she learned from developing Real Food Real Life organic, fermented probiotic products.

Yapp’s research began in 1999 with CJ’s diagnosis. She said CJ was at his most ill when he was 6 or 7; he had developed colitis, Crohn’s disease and food allergies and was failing to grow.

“He basically couldn’t keep anything down,” she said. “I became the ultimate nutrition super mom. Our house was filled with all organic food, vitamins, and lots of water — the works.” She turned her attention to nutritional research and in 2005, after countless blood tests, was told her son had the nutritional profile of a child from a Third World country.

Though Yapp was the picture of healthfulness, she also took a blood test which showed her blood profile was just as malnourished.

“That was a huge shock, so I kept digging for answers,” she said.

More research led to the discovery that many health problems begin with poor digestion. She said that even in people who don’t feel ill, poor digestion leads to inflammation of the gut, which leads to maladies that can be as mild as brain fog to serious illnesses like CJ was experiencing.

Tam Yapp did exhaustive research on health and nutrition to improve the health of her son, CJ.

“After years of eating the wrong foods, your body can’t properly process the good ones,” she said. “Gut inflammation makes it impossible for your body to send the right message to the brain on how to process it.”

Yapp contends that healthy people as well as those who are ailing can benefit from daily doses of Real Food Real Life probiotics food products. She said that as a result of eating diets of processed foods, antibiotics, prescriptions, over the counter drugs and toxins, most people are unable to breakdown their food to absorb the amino acids, enzymes and good bacteria.

“Because we don’t have good gut flora, a balance of good and bad bacteria, we are unable to get nutrition from our food,” she said.

Through her diligent research Yapp discovered a grain-based organic probiotic manufactured in Australia and has created healthy, fermented probiotic and enzyme rich foods that are predigested, allowing the body to absorb every possible benefit.

Fermentation, Yapp explains, is the natural process by which foods are pre-digested by bacteria, which increases the availability, digestibility and assimilation of nutrients. She said fermentation also unlocks the enzymes in food and converts the carbohydrates and proteins into amino acids, making the nutrients bio-available, allowing the body to absorb them immediately.

She said that having the right amount of good bacteria in your gut is critical to a healthy immune system and for proper brain chemistry function. Due to the daily exposure to toxins in food and in the environment, most of the body’s supply of good bacteria isn’t sufficient enough to replenish it.

“Seventy percent of our immune cells are in the lining of our gut,” she said. “It is very important to keep it balanced. Our immune cells need to be strong and replenished with good bacteria to help fight off the bad bacteria that we come in contact with on a daily basis. When good bacteria is dominant in your gut and colon, it prevents the spread of disease.”

The line of products include Real Hair Food and Real Face Food, which are blends to improve malnourished hair and skin.

Yapp’s Real Food Real Life line of probiotic foods includes:

Pro-daily-Otic powder, a blend of organic fermented probiotic greens, grains, seeds and sea vegetables.

Pro-Amino-Otic powder, with increased amino acids for increased energy.

Green Rhino energy drink, which provides steady, balanced energy without causing irritability or crashing from too much caffeine and sugar. It has 18 amino acids that promote physical energy boost and recovery. Green Rhino is a natural antioxidant that aids metabolism, curbs appetite and naturally detoxifies.

Pro-Belly-Otic probiotic drinks, which are rich in enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and B vitamins. Yapp calls them the “cleaner and scrubbers” that clean out the bad bacteria, while repopulating the good bacteria and live enzymes by remodeling the lining of your stomach. This sets up a solid foundation for nutrients to be absorbed. This beverage comes in three flavors; grapefruit, lime-mint and great grains.

The products are highly concentrated with amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics and vitamins, from raw organic food sources.

“We ferment our ingredients to maintain all the nutrients,” Yapp said. “The fermentation enables them to be delivered into your body for immediate absorption and assimilation.”

Yapp has also developed Real Face Food and Real Hair Food, probiotics for your skin and hair.

Do they make a difference?

“CJ is now strong, healthy and growing, as is the rest of the family,” Yapp said. “The difference that resulted from the nutrition we were able to receive from fermented foods was astonishing.”

Yapp launched the Real Food Real Life product line in 2008. Daughter Marlo Yapp Lemmon is now the company president and both women are dedicated to sharing the probiotics with the public.

Lemmon enjoys experimenting with the products to create foods using them, such as cereal bars.

“I love giving people new ideas of how to use the powders and drinks,” Lemmon said. Several projects are in the works, such as frozen pops and other treats.

The foods are available only online at realfoodreallife.tv or by calling 888-573-2536.

“People wouldn’t understand how to use them,” Lemmon said. “They might drink a whole bottle in one sitting. You just need a little bit. We like to help them understand how to use them to get the most benefit to their health.”

Marlo Yapp Lemmon is the president of Real Food Real Life. She personally instructs people how to use the products.

To learn more about Real Food Real Life products, go to realfoodreallife.tv or facebook.com/RealFoodRealLife.

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