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An intense treatment for a tough problem

Clementine offers crucial help for girls with eating disorders

REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Dr. Lauren Ozbolt, medical director, and Jacquie Rangel, education and training director, will be offering adolescent girls  treatment that can literally save their lives.

If an adolescent girl has an eating disorder and doesn’t receive the help she needs, she could be in big trouble.

That is why Clementine can make a big difference in the lives of adolescent girls, ages 13 to 17. The brand-new treatment facility in West Linn will have its grand opening on Sept. 22, and it is focusing on a problem that is much larger than people realize.

“Clementine will be the only adolescent resident eating disorder program in the state,” said Lindsey Riley, professional relations manager for Clementine. “It fills a gap.”

That is the way Dr. Lauren Ozbolt sees it. She is the chief medical officer for Clementine and is excited about the future.

“Statistics say there are almost 1 million adolescents with eating disorders,” Ozbolt said. “Anorexia nervosa has the highest rate of mortality of any mental disorder. The indications are that there is quite a need for treatment. What we’re excited about here is that the program is designed for adolescents, and it’s developed appropriately.”

REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - The living room at Clementine is a thing of beauty. The purpose of the home is to make it as welcoming as possible to help girls make a transition in living

While Clementine has assembled an outstanding staff, one member stands out in particular. That is because Jacquie Rangel, education and training manager, is a true success story. She was once an adolescent girl in crisis because of an eating disorder, and she got the help she needed from an affiliate of Monte Nido, the parent company of Clementine.

“I was so lucky to receive treatment,” Rangel said. “I definitely know about eating disorders from my own experience. I was saved from my eating disorder evolving and seriously harming me. I could not have done it without a lot of help and support. It definitely paved my way to work in this field.

“I’m lucky to be in this position, to help a community that definitely saved my life.”

REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - One of the key places in the new Clementine facility will be the dining room, a place for food, fun, games and interesting conversations.

Why does an adolescent girl become stricken with an eating disorder? Ozbolt says it’s often due to an adolescent’s inner makeup.

“These girls have temperamental traits where they tend to become very anxious,” she said. “They have problems with set shifting (moving) from one place to another. They ruminate and obsess over things.

“This can be disastrous. Malnutrition kills, especially in the way it affects heart rhythms. The longer you have an eating disorder, the more damage it can do. You need to get treatment as early as possible.”

Zanita Zody, clinical director, thinks Clementine is just the kind of treatment center that can keep this from happening by creating a haven that gives girls excellent support in a home atmosphere.

“What really sets us apart is that we take a relational approach,” Zody said, “where young women feel comfortable and safe, and able to work through the process. Families are brought in to help the whole system of healing and help the recovery process. We have a strong educational component. These girls are pulled out of their everyday lives, so we hold school here every day and have educational liaisons to make sure they are staying up with their studies.”

First of all, Clementine is a nice place to live. It’s spacious, but also offers cozy, comfortable places for one-on-one counseling. Treatment and studies come first, but there are also fun times of going out to eat, sports and movies.

“We try to be a family here,” Riley said. “Our staff serves as surrogate parents. We eat at a table together, just like any family, and we play games and have fun conversations. We have yoga, art therapy and a swimming pool.

“These are adolescents. We want to bring their joy back.”

Clementine is located at 1148 Rosemont Road in a beautiful area in West Linn, where nature itself plays a role in the girls’ treatment.

“This is a comfortable place to deal with intense issues,” Rangel said.

For more about Clementine, go to montenido.com. For admissions, call 855 900-2221.

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