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Plank and Coil brings natural furniture to LO

Plank and Coil sales associate Juliana Gerigk shows a line of organic linens the store carries. The Lake Oswego location opened last month.

With 10 successful years of operation in Portland’s Pearl District, Dennis Rose has opened a second Plank and Coil location at 4871 Meadows Road in Lake Oswego’s Kruse Village shopping center.

The store offers organic and ecologically sourced mattresses and other sustainable furniture, plus linens, bedding and accessories. The Lake Oswego store offers an expanded selection of children’s beds and furniture.

Though organic and natural mattresses and other furniture are available online, Plank and Coil owner Dennis Rose says people want to be able to touch and feel the merchandise, and the demand for these products continues to grow.

“Sleeping well is vital to good health,” Rose said. “We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, and an organic mattress is an excellent way to ensure, for at least eight hours a day, we are free from exposure to the toxic chemicals so prevalent in consumer products today.”

Americans are experiencing an epidemic of allergic reactions, which can be caused by any number of environmental conditions. The accumulative effect of the chemicals used to make furniture, mattresses and bedding; plus environmental irritants and allergy medicine tip the scale that causes distress to people of all ages.

“In the world of furniture, all your manufacturers may meet the federal fire regulation — the flame test,” he said. “But you won’t know the whole story. What’s in the wood finishes? There is lots to tell. We try to source from manufacturers who know what they are using. These are local folks — one- and two-people operations who build to order, or collectives with a story and tradition.”

Rose’s goal with Plank and Coil was to combine interior furnishings with health and wellness. The concept of a healthy home is not a new idea. “Green” building is a huge industry that has matured over the past two decades, but most of the effect for making a home green has focused on structural elements rather than in interior furnishing.

“The terms ‘green’ and ‘health’ go together,” Rose writes on his webpage, plankandcoil.com. “Green building materials do not have chemical fire retardants or toxic finishes, therefore there is no ‘off gassing’ into a structure. Building and furnishing green also has an impact on the local and global community because green materials are from reclaimed or sustainable materials.”

Rose said development of green furniture is still in its infancy, but the Sustainable Furniture Council has been formed to establish standards and protocol for manufacturers and retailers to identify themselves as providers of green products. Rose said it is a challenging and exciting time to be exploring the frontier of green interior design.

Plank and Coil also offers sustainably sourced tables, chairs and other furniture, organic rugs, blankets, linens and more. The brand One Tree features several pieces of furniture made from the same tree.

“These pieces have a unique story,” Rose said. “The furniture gives a second life to the tree.”

With natural or “live” edges and other intricate details, the furniture is not only functional but artistic.

Rose said the furniture industry has come a long way in the past two decades.

“A good example of the progress of the industry is granola,” Rose said. “It used to taste like cardboard. Now it’s delicious. We’ve come a long way, and we’ve defied expectations. We’re looking at ways to bring luxury and color to natural upholstery. And we’re here to educate the public.”

Industry leaders are looking for ways to intensify the muted colors of vegetable dyes for rugs and linens, and substitutes for beeswax and linseed oil, which will dry out and eventually cause wood to split.

To learn more, visit Plank and Coil at 4871 Meadows Road in Kruse Village (at the corner of Meadows Road and Carmen Drive) in Lake Oswego or visit plankandcoil.com. For store hours and directions, call 503-974-9837.

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STAFF PHOTOS: VERN UYETAKE - Owned by Dennis Rose, Plank and Coil opened a second location last month in Lake Oswego. The store offers furniture made with natural and organic products which are healthier for consumers.