When local writer Brian Doyle's novel 'Mink River' was chosen as the Lake Oswego Reads program, little did we know that we at the Review and Tidings would receive the avalanche of books we have from the writers in our community. We have written features on the books of Marylou Colver and Scott Sparling and still more authors come forth with their manuscripts.

Special congratulations to Lake Oswego author Graham Salisberry who has won a 2012 Oregon Book Award. He was awarded the Eloise Jarvis McGraw Award for Children's Literature for his "Calvin Coconut: Hero of Hawaii. "

Following is a list of books freshly published by local authors and a bit about them. We encourage you to pick up copies of the books at your favorite bookstore, supporting both the author and your local merchants.

• Lake Oswego author Samantha Ducloux Waltz continues to contribute to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She shares more of her stories in new books in the series including'Inspiration for the Young at Heart,' 'Grieving and Recovery,' Messages from Heaven," "The Magic of Mothers and Daughters," "Family Caregivers" and 'O Canada.'

Waltz is an award-winning freelance writer and also writes fiction and nonfiction under the name Samellyn Wood. You can learn more about her at

The Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books is sold at bookstores everywhere and online at for $14.95.

•Edward Malin of Lake Oswego has published 'Masks and Totems: A Northwest Coast Odyssey.' This is his fourth book about Northwest Coast Indian tribes of British Columbia and Alaska, and in it he shares his fascination that began with a visit to the American Museum of Natural History in New Year City when he was 12. He built a career on researching, writing and teaching about Indian art and culture at colleges and universities of the Pacific Northwest.

'This book chronicles a personal and professional journey over my lifetime to learn, understand and document for the historical record the culture and art of the Northwest Coast Indians,' Malin writes in the book's introduction.

The book is available online at for $35 postage paid.

• Mona Krueger of Lake Oswego is a new author and has published a memoir, 'Sage Was The Perfect Shadow.'

'As a born survivor my goal is to reach out to other trauma survivors in hopes they take one more step forward toward recovery,' Krueger said. 'But the book has takeaways for anyone who has ever walked a difficult road or dealt with grief.'

Krueger has master's degrees in both pastoral studies and social work and recently co-founded a non-profit organization in Portland dedicated to empowering survivors. You can learn more about 'Sage Was The Perfect Shadow," visit

Her book is available in paperback and Kindle versions on

• Another Lake Oswego resident and veteran business consultant, Brian Poggi, has published 'I Am Not Average: How to Succeed in your Performance Review.' In the book, Poggi takes readers on a first-hand step-by-step plan to learn how to make the most of a critical time in any employee's tenure - the performance review. Whether working for a large corporation or a small family business, every employee needs to know what today's employers are looking for from their best employees and utilize that information to advance their careers.

Poggi shares advice and techniques on performance review, a subject little written about or discussed but critical to an employee's career path.

'If your last review did not warrant you the raise and recognition you felt you deserved, chances are you're not identifying your full potential,' said Poggi. 'Once you understand how to execute the right plan and strategy for your review, you can finally feel good about your future with the right recognition.'

'I Am Not Average: How to Succeed in Your Performance Review' is available in paperback for $19.99 and on Kindle for $9.99 at To download a preview of the book or purchase a step-by-step performance review CD go to

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