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n Lawyer learns the craft of creative writing

One morning, four or five years after he had retired from practicing law, Richard David Bach's son gave him a laptop and told him to go write something.by: SUBMITTED - Lake Oswego resident Richard David Bach is the author of 'Common Enemy,' a romantic thriller now available in e-book form. The book is the first of his Common Denominator series.

'A few days later my wife and I were eating breakfast with friends and read something in the paper about a person who had gone missing from a cruise ship,' Bach said. 'And I thought, gee, wouldn't it be interesting if there was a serial killer working it? So I went home and wrote the first chapter and then I wrote the last chapter ... it took me six months to get from the first chapter to the last chapter and it was a piece of junk when I finished, so I had to go back and start all over.'

The Lake Oswego author's effort has paid off. The rewrite is the romantic thriller 'Common Enemy,' the first in Bach's e-

book Common Denominator series.

'I was a lawyer and I wrote like a lawyer. And it is so different from fiction writing,' Bach said. 'Portland State has this wonderful program where anybody age 65 or older can audit any class on the entire curriculum at no charge. So I started taking some classes in their English department on fiction writing and creative writing and that's where I learned the craft.'by: SUBMITTED  - 'Common Enemy' is available online at amazon.com and several other online bookstores.

In 'Common Enemy,' Bach weaves a tale involving cruise ship disappearances, murder and mystery, emotionally fragile romance, sex and crimes.

'What I enjoy most about creative writing is being able to plumb my imagination and let my imagination run free, which you couldn't do as a lawyer,' he said.

A synopsis of the book follows:

'When attractive young women start disappearing from the luxury cruise ships of Camelot Cruise Line at an alarming rate, Viktor Viken, Camelot's billionaire owner, coerces company lawyer Raam Commoner into doing whatever it takes to stop the seagoing serial killer without a story on the six o'clock news. After a chance but near fatal shipboard encounter, Raam - the tall, good-looking but burned-out womanizer who has been cleaning up after Viktor Viken for years - and Kayman Karl, the smart, beautiful and independent private investigator who has been hired by a distraught father to investigate the cruise line disappearance of his daughter - are compelled to join forces in the search for the motive behind the murders. Opposites attract, but all thoughts of romance are put on hold once it becomes obvious that Kayman fits the profile of previous victims and they must race to find and stop a twisted murderer before he strikes again.'

'My two main characters - I just really got to enjoy them. And they write themselves. All I have to do is give them a plot, which is the hard part, and then they write their own dialog, they write their own action, they do it all themselves. It is the most amazing process!' Bach said.

The second book in the series is now being proofread and should be available in a few months, and Bach has completed the first draft of the third book. How many more are to follow?

'I have two or three more on Post-it notes all over my writing room,' Bach laughed.

'Common Enemy' is available for purchase at amazon.com, bn.com, smashwords.com and iBooks.com.

To learn more about Bach and his other works, visit richarddavidbach.com.

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