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Bach releases Common Ground


Third book of the series will be out later this year

Lake Oswego author Richard David Bach has released the “Common Ground,” the second book in his Common Denominator series.

The first book, titled “Common Enemy,” was released in 2012 and the third book will be available later this year.

Bach says that readers who liked “Common Enemy” will love “Common Ground.” He shares this synopsis:

“When smart young private investigator Kayman Karl reluctantly agrees to sell her P.I. firm to a sleazy competitor, neither she nor new husband Raam Commoner have any idea the decision will plunge them into a desperate search for a manuscript that could expose the lethal operations of an underworld employment agency — a hiring hall for hitmen.

“Clues left by the manuscript’s elusive author lead Raam and Kayman from Beverly Hills to San Miguel de Allende and back to Los Angeles where they find themselves caught in a crossfire between the cold-blooded operator who hunts for the manuscript to keep himself out of the gas chamber, and the obsessed movie producer who sees the screenplay as a ticket to the Oscars — all the while trying to stay out of the way of a homicidal psychopath who wants to do them a favor and a government agent on a national security mission.

“Raam and Kayman are on mission of their own — they want a honeymoon. But first things first, and as the bodies pile up, the newlyweds will need a common ground from which to protect the manuscript and stay ahead of a determined killer.”

The book is available to download to Kindles, Nooks and other e-readers.