by: SUBMITTED PHOTO  - D.M. Livingston of Lake Oswego has self-published his first novel, Nyx.D.M. “Dan” Livingston of Lake Oswego has self-published his first novel, “Nyx,” which he describes as a “heart-warming fantasy-horror novel about a sarcastic, mouthy fairy who is hurled into Hell, but instead of damned souls and devils she finds a group of confused, young human witches. It’s hate at first sight.”

In the story, Nyx and the witches, whose magical skills are not quite polished, must work together to survive the ravages of Hell and the demon-infested nightmare which earth has become.

Livingston said that part of the inspiration for the book came from the film “Mean Girls,” in which he learned how vicious the behavior of teenage girls can be.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of fantasy,” he said. “So I thought it’d be interesting to have a bunch of teenage girls, all new witches, all from different cultures and practicing different kinds of magic, thrown together in a somewhat horrific situation and see what happened. Magic and monsters are always fun, but nothing beats people behaving badly.”

Livingston’s wife, Annie Auerbach, who is a New York Times bestselling author with more than 200 children’s books published, edited the book.

“She’s been the editor on ‘Nyx’ and was incredibly helpful all around, but especially in getting the young women’s voices right,” said Livingston. “She’d point to a line and tell me, ‘A girl would never say that.’”

Lby: SUBMITTED PHOTO  - D.M. Livingston of Lake Oswego has self-published his first novel, Nyx.ivingston chose to self-publish the book because it was apparent to him that he couldn’t rely on a publisher to market the book.

“The trend seems to be to publish a bunch of books, see which ones are immediately successful and throw all the marketing money behind them,” he said. “The other books get left in the dust. So I figured, if I was going to have to do all of the marketing as well as all the writing, what the hell did I need a publisher for? I can create my own book with Createspace and Kindle, all on my own, and keep more of the profits and control of the book.

“It took about two and a half years to write, with lots of waking up at four in the morning and pounding my laptop at Starbucks,” Livingston said. “I’m working on a sequel and enjoying the hell out of it.”

“Nyx” is available as a paperback and ebook on Amazon.

Livingston’s day job is that of a Web developer. He grew up in the Mojave Desert and moved to Lake Oswego about seven years ago.

To learn more about Livingston and “Nyx,” visit

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