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Winners announced from LAA show


by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - This piece by Chris Stubbs, titled Nate: Looking for Frogs, won the Lake Oswego Review Award in the Lake Area Artists annual show recently. Winners from the Lake Area Artists annual show held April 26 through 28 were announced recently. Receiving the accolade of Best of Show was Susan Greenbaum with “Bonding.” First-place winner was Janet Amundson-Splidsboel’s piece, “Windy;” second-place winner was Carol Winchester and third place went to Sarah Bouwsma for “Early Morning.”

Receiving honorable mentions were Peter O’Brien, Chris Stubbs, Kay Allenbaugh, Alan Morris Bell and Barbara Vance.

Julie Shirley received the Pat Tunks Memorial Award; Barbara Vance received the Lakewood Center Award; Chris Stubbs received the Lake Oswego Review and the Art Council of Lake Oswego awards and Alan Morris Bell received the Mayor’s Office Award.