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Shakespeares The Tale of Cymbeline set at Marylhurst


by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: RIO - Pictured are Imogen, played by Sarah Jane Fridlich, and Posthumus, played by Richardy Fabre.

Portland Actors Ensemble will present Shakespeare’s “The Tale of Cymbeline” at Marylhurst University on Aug. 3 beginning at 6 p.m.

The play is about Cymbeline, King of Britain, who takes a new wife who has an arrogant son named Cloten. Cymbeline’s lovely daughter, Imogen, is expected to marry Cloten.

Instead she married the brave but poor Posthumus Leonatus. Cymbeline is furious when he finds out about the marriage and banishes Posthumus, who goes to Rome.

The couple have time to exchange love tokens and Imogen gives Posthumus a diamond ring and he gives her a bracelet.

The villain of the plot is Iachimo, who bets 10,000 ducats against Posthumus’ diamond ring that he can seduce Imogene.

The production is free and open to the public.