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by: SUBMITTED PHOTOS - Scenes for Bad Exorcists were filmed in the Riverdale High library.

The filming is complete and editing has begun. This means the riskiest and most challenging part of making the independent film “Bad Exorcists” a reality has already been completed. But now Kyle Steinbach, a Portland resident who wrote, directs and is producing the film, is asking for the public’s help in funding the post production expenses.

“Bad Exorcists” is a low-budget independent film shot entirely in and around Portland. In fact, scenes were shot on Oswego Lake, in a Lake Oswego home and in Riverdale High School’s library.

The gist of the film is this: Charlie, Matt and Dana are about to finish high school with little fanfare. In a last-ditch effort to earn their classmates’ respect, the trio aims to win the local horror film festival. Things might finally be going their way — until their attempt to film an exorcism scene results in the demonic possession of their lead actress. The boys are in for a raucous and hilarious weekend as they try to save the girl and somehow finish their film, all while navigating the treacherous world of high school.

Things you will see in the film are guys in nun habits, holy water supersoakers, water demons, finger gun-wielding villains and hipster church interns.

“Our performances and production value have completely exceeded our expectations and we are confident we have made something special,” said Steinbach. The Kickstarter campaign will raise funds for color correction, music composition, sound design and visual effects — the things that really bring a film to life.

Steinbach is not a newcomer to the film industry; he was the assistant producer on the hit TV show “The Office” during its last season. His crew includes many graduates and students of the University of Oregon, who worked together on Duck TV projects and in the school’s film club. Lake Oswego residents Mia Schauffler and Jacob Salzberg are working on the project. Schauffler serves as production coordinator and Salzberg is public address and boom operator on “Bad Exorcists.”

Steinbach says the Kickstarter goals is to raise $20,000 by Oct. 5. At press time the $9,719 had been pledged.

“Our timeline for completing the film is the only thing slightly uncertain,” said Steinbach. “If we reach our goal, we still have to secure our various postproduction specialists, colorist, composer, VFX artist, etc., and though we’ve already started a dialogue with these specialists to obtain our quotes, it’s somewhat unclear how long these next steps will take.

After we finish “Bad Exorcists” we will be applying to film festivals across the globe with the hopes of securing distribution. There’s no telling how long this might take, but this will impact when we can send out certain Kickerstarter awards, such as digital copies and/or physical media.”

To learn more visit Pledges begin at $5.

Some scenes were shot on Oswego Lake.

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