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Concrete facelifts

by: GAIL EMERSON PARK James Burnett’s concrete work is simple but can have dramatic effects. This is the result in a West Linn garage.

Rooms, garages and outdoor environments can benefit from a concrete facelift.

Beaverton resident and Portland Design Concrete owner James Burnett uses a special concrete mixture to create a lasting impression. He updates floors and countertops.

Burnett prepares polymer modified cementitious epoxy in a variety of ways to achieve colorful and textural concrete overlays.

The cement-based compound can be colored with stains or embellished with a logo or momento. His concrete can resemble stone tiles or be formed with natural stone.

The overlays are troweled on by hand over prepared concrete. Overlays can have natural-looking stone texture or glossy, smooth polish. Pool decks, tile and formica can be covered.

'Existing seams are preserved,' he said. 'Grout lines can be added to replicate stone, tile or slate.'

Transforming old, cracked patios and garages into assets with the strength of natural stone is only part of Burnett's flooring talent.

Kitchen counters are coated to resemble elegant stonework. Patterns update a dingy driveway. A restored driveway and stairway match the resident's decor.

Durable high-gloss finishes resembling two-toned tile replace a dirty carpet.

'A lot of people are staying in their homes and asking 'how can we get increased living space,'' Burnett said. 'One way is to improve your garage and make better use of your daylight basement. Improved flooring solutions can increase the square footage of your home.'

Concrete can be colored to match an existing color palette or create a new backdrop for a whole new look. High-gloss, marbelized, and terra cotta floor styles are possible with the flexibility of concrete.

'Bring an idea to life. Resurface,' he said. 'It's easy and quick to add color, design and texture.'

An average 10-foot-by-10-foot mildly cracked patio can be smoothed and colored in a couple of days.

'The change is beautiful. The detail is clean and nice,' he said.

For more information about Portland Design Concrete, visit pdxconcretedesign.com or call 503-608-2829.