by: SUBMITTED PHOTO Marylou Colver’s history book, “Lake Vignettes: Illiterate Cows and College Educated Cabbage” captures the funny parts of Lake Oswego’s early days.

Cows and cabbages don't play the prominent role they used to in Lake Oswego life.

But thanks to historian Marylou Colver they won't be forgotten. Her book 'Lake Vignettes: Illiterate Cows to College Educated Cabbage' will be coming out possibly as early as March.

'Lake Oswego had it all,' Colver said.

Colver tries to capture it all, too, at least the funny things. As a historian, Colver avoids the stuffy stuff and goes for the funny bone.

'This book is a dream come true,' she said. 'It has a lighthearted approach. You can pick it up and set it down.'

The book is now available on preorder from the Lake Oswego Preservation Society, and all sales will benefit the society.

The book will largely be made up of 'Snippets,' Colver's historical column, but it will also include one-third new content. It will also feature photos from the extensive collection of the Lake Oswego Public Library.

'Vignettes' is being published by the History Press of Charleston, S.C., whose specialty is books about local history. For information, go to .

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