Schrinsky, Conger offer more than ever with Women's Healthcare Associates
by: SUBMITTED PHOTO Doctors Dan Schrinsky, left, and Bud Conger of Lake Oswego with Women’s Healthcare Associates, have been helping women medically for decades.

Looking back can be so much fun. Especially when you have come as far as doctors Dan Schrinsky and Bud Conger of Lake Oswego with Women's Healthcare Associates.

Pulling out a thick old folder from his office, Schrinsky noted with awe, 'I haven't looked at this in years.'

Inside are old yellowish newspaper clippings from 34 years ago when Schrinsky started his gynecological clinic in Lake Grove with partner Dr. Hal Vick. The first article shows the young doctors at their grand opening, both wearing huge smiles and both with huge 1970s hair.

Soon Conger joined the crew, and the next article has a photo of the three doctors in jogging suits and jogging down the streets of Lake Oswego. The looks on the faces of the two women watching them are priceless.

Last is a whole insert devoted to the stages of Schrinsky delivering a baby. Everybody looks very happy, mom, dad, nurses and doctor.

'I can't remember how many babies I've delivered,' Schrinsky admits. 'I just know it's way up in the thousands.'

What Schrinsky knows for sure is that his clinic has experienced a growth over the last three-plus decades that is amazing in retrospect. He looks back in wonder.

'Hal and I were the new kids on the block,' Schrinsky said with a laugh. 'We were pretty naïve. We thought if we would do good work things would happen.'

Oddly enough, that is exactly what did happen. Their little women's health center just kept growing and growing and getting better and better. Schrinsky and company outgrew their Lake Grove location in 1993 and moved to the campus of Meridian Park Hospital in Tualatin.

The old Lake Grove location had 1,500 square feet. Now, Schrinsky and Conger work from the 15,000-square foot Northwest Gynecology Center at Meridian Park, which was completed a year ago. Schrinsky serves as an enthusiastic tour guide for the beautiful facility, and employees wave happily as he walks by.

It is a far cry from the days when Schrinsky, Vick and Conger resembled Keystone Kops as they raced to make baby deliveries.

'From our office in Lake Grove we had to drive up and down the freeway to Good Samaritan Hospital,' Conger said. 'It was pretty inefficient. Our pockets were always full of quarters to make phone calls because there were no cellphones back in those days.

'One time a cop stopped me at midnight on 217. But then he escorted me to the hospital.'

The big merger of WHA with Women's Clinic and the Women's Health Center of Oregon took place only last October. It now has 90 women's health care clinicians, including 65 doctors, at 11 clinics throughout the Portland Metro area. An impressive range of services - services unthinkable in 1978 - are now offered. Just recently WHA added a psychiatric nurse practitioner to its staff.

'We do a lot of different things and we do them well,' Schrinsky said. 'We've added a lot of depth to what we offer. We have more tools and more ways to use them.'

'There have been a lot of changes in medicine,' Conger said. 'We're in a position to respond to that.'

Vick is now retired, but Schrinsky and Conger are still going strong, and they feel very lucky that they chose to have their medical careers in Lake Oswego.

'It's an unbelievable place to have a career,' Schrinsky said.

Since the two doctors have come so far in 34 years, you might believe their practice is at a pinnacle. But their history indicates there will be even more growth.

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