by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Where Is My Coffee Cup? is written by Monica H. Schneider and may help job seekers find the best possible job fit.

Lake Oswego resident and longtime career counselor Monica H. Schneider has published “Where Is My Coffee Cup?” a workbook to help people find satisfying jobs.

“Having lost a job due to job-setting circumstances, I wanted to find answers to my questions,” said Schneider. “I was in need of some way to make sense of the loss and wanted to make different choices when I looked for another job. Through my research I found ways to recognize my preferences and communicate those to others in my work search.”

“Where Is My Coffee Cup?” is designed to help job seekers clarify their preferences of work environment or job setting and guides one through a process of bringing together who you are and what you want in terms of job opportunities. Based on her 20 years of experience as a career counselor and educator in career development, Schneider said the process boosts the odds of finding a job that truly fits the individual.

“’Hazy goals produce hazy results.’ When I first heard that short quote, it had a profound impact on me,” said Schneider. “Describing preferences and desires might seem like an ill-afforded luxury, especially when feeling worried, stretched for cash and intimidated before the beast called Job Hunt. Even in prosperous times, detailing the best case scenario may seem to make sense for only those who have nothing to lose by defining their job wish list. In either case, it’s easy to presume we are lucky to get a job - yet alone one we want. You are about to learn that identifying your preferences and desires are not a luxury.”

Schneider has been a career counselor in private practice and an instructor in Life Career Planning for more than 25 years. She has studied the composition of job selection and job search and has designed and delivered numerous workshops on career development for Drake Beam Morin, an outplacement firm, and the University of California Irvine Graduate School of Management, as an educator for Marylhurst University Career and Life Planning Studies and as a consultant in her own training company.

She is currently an instructor of psychology at Portland Community College, Cascade Campus. She has a doctorate degree in industrial and organizational psychology from the United States International University.”Where Is My Coffee Cup?” is available online at, and for $31.99.

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