Lakeridge senior one acts cover many topics, genre

If the senior directed one-act plays are any indication, the Lakeridge Class of 2012 is far from a run of the mill crowd. The performances, which begin today at 7 p.m., cover a gamut of topics and genres. For the first time, the one acts include a musical and a dance movement performance.

The program includes 'Suicidal Fish,' directed by students Jackson Walker and Katie Markey.

'It's the first musical production to be included in the one acts,' said Walker. 'The play is about being comfortable where you are.'

'During the first two weeks after koi are introduced to a new pond, they will try to jump out,' said Markey. 'The play addresses the comedy of the koi jumping out and also the human issue of suicide. … We hope the audience can see the realism between the silliness of koi fish talking and still feel for the characters.'

Colby Newbold is directing her original play, 'Care Packages,' for which she drew inspiration from 'Girl Interrupted,' a book she read for a psychology assignment. Her play is about a young woman during the Vietnam era living in a psychiatric asylum.

'It is by far the most serious of the plays,' she said. 'The humor that is involved is more cynical than humorous.'

Merv Johnson drew inspiration for her dance movement abstraction from James Thurber's 'The Last Flower.'

'My biggest challenge was taking a book, which is concrete, and adapting and abstracting it for the stage,' she said. She choreographed dance movements for the piece, created lighting and other technical elements involved in the play's production. The story is told through the movements of the six dancers and narration from off stage.

Liberty Harbour Swallow's piece, 'Duet for Bear and Dog,' is 'about a small dog that chases a bear up a tree and the relationship that develops between them over the course of events,' she said. 'I love abstract theater and like to see people play animals. It was a good exercise for the actors.'

Performances of the senior directed one acts runs tonight, Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. in Lakeridge's auditorium. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for students and those over 55. Lakeridge students with student body card are admitted for $6. Tickets are available from the bookkeeper or at the door.

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