by:  Mark Peden

Most new businesses start with ballyhoo and promotions.

But Mark Peden wants to start CommutePays with a conversation. He wants to talk to people who want to save time and money while they are driving; which figures to be a lot of people.

'CommutePays has a real core value for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road,' Peden said. 'We're already getting feedback on our new Beta website and it's very positive. There have already been 3,600 people who have downloaded our application.'

Lake Oswego has been chosen by Peden and his four partners as the launching pad for CommutePays, and the five owners expect their new company to quickly expand across the nation. Just hook it up to your Smart Phone and you're ready to go.

That is because they describe it as 'The Ultimate Commuter App.' CommutePays is already sending out news alerts about driving routes. Drivers will be arriving at places sooner than ever. And in the near future it will be sending out shopping alerts so commuters can find extraordinary shopping deals while they are driving home, to work or to a business appointment.

'The next key element will be establishing relationships with local merchants, who will be providing relevant offers and promotions,' Peden said. 'This will be the best form of any digital marketing. It's hyper local and it addresses the individual commuter.'

While the opening of Commute-Pays is mostly being done in a low key fashion, the new company is running a major promotion throughout the month of March called 'All Things Apple,' in which 'CommuterCash' virtual currency can be redeemed for a variety of Apple products.

Peden pointed out that other key features would include drivers being able to earn money for their favorite nonprofits. Plus, Peden promises the CommutePays app is completely safe for driving. The 'Ping' will never come on unless the car is at a complete halt.

Perhaps the happiest thought for CommutePays users might be this: they can make money for themselves even if they are stuck in a traffic jam.

For more about CommutePays, go to its website at or call Mark Peden at 503-897-0008 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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