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Dr. Mo Saleh says Go on Trisynergy Media

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO Dr. Mo Saleh’s new company, Trisynergy Media, helps dentists reach their patients and politicians reach their constituents with personalized messages.

Dr. Mo Saleh wants to help his fellow dentists with the high cost of missed appointments.

He also wants to help politicians with the high cost of missed opportunities.

The result is Trisynergy Media, a groundbreaking technology which Saleh and three engineers have developed right here in Lake Oswego. Basically, the technology helps dentists reach their patients and politicians reach voters with personalized messages.

The key word in this technology is 'flexibility.'

Originally, Saleh only wanted to look into doing a single canned commercial to help dentists. A conversation with a video producer and a medial sales representative for Channel 8 expanded his horizons.

'This conversation led us to the art and science of merging pieces of video to compile a single consistent video,' Saleh said. 'Once I understood the science behind merging and compiling video assets, I realized the capability and potential use in delivering personalized video or audio messages to patients.'

The benefits of sending out personalized reminder videos to dentists is obvious, since Saleh said that missed appointments cost private dental practices an average of 25 percent of revenue loss. He believes a personal communication to a patient from a dentist makes a huge difference.

'At the end of the day, patients tend to listen to their doctors and dentists more than their receptionists,' Saleh said.

It was while developing the technology for this application that Saleh and his associates made a discovery in this political year of 2012.

Saleh said, 'While watching the Republican Presidential Debate on TV, I realized this technology can be utilized for presidential candidates to reach out to voters and potential voters.'

Saleh said his idea (called actionvote) can be used by both major political parties, but he thinks it can be especially useful for Republicans for 'doing something drastic to make the impact needed to win the elections.'

The reaction to the new software has been enthusiastic.

'I can tell that many of the dentists we have talked to are very excited about the technology,' Saleh said. 'My friends and patients in the medical practice are frustrated by cancelations as well, and they feel that this technology will be enormously beneficial.'

Although he came to Lake Oswego only last year, Saleh believes this city will be an excellent spot from which to launch his new venture. He predicts Trisynergy Media will have quick success and be a major part of the coming wave of personalized advertising and public relations.

'We are planning on hiring as many as 100 sales, support and engineering personnel in the next two years,' he said. 'We love Lake Oswego and we plan on staying here.'

For more about Trisynergy Media, go to its site located at www.trisynergymedia.com.