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Rare Yowah opal collection on display

SUBMITTED PHOTO:  - Trios Jewelry Studio is showing the Dreamtime Opal Collection of Yowah matrix opals.

Trios Jewelry Studio is showing “The Dreamtime Opal Collection” through Aug. 27. Opals are unique and popular gemstones; the most prized examples flash neon lightning in a full spectrum of colors. The rarest are the boulder and matrix opals of Yowah, Australia.

“Opal has always been a favorite gem for me to design with,” said Deborah Spencer, one of the co-owners of Trios Jewelry Studio. “Each piece of matrix opal is completely unique and inspires me in a different direction. I have just unveiled my newest collection which features lots of oxidized sterling silver and tiny gold accents. It is a very contemporary, designer look.”

Mary Wong and Kathe Mai, the other co-owners of the studio, are also excited about the show.

“I love working with matrix opals,” Wong said. “The vibrant colors are unmatched and they are actually more durable than traditional opal for rings. The free-form shapes are really fun to design around, so each finished piece is totally one of a kind.”

The collection is one of the largest displays of boulder and matrix opals and attendees can learn how and where the opals are mined, and the geology and science that create the miniature neon light show, for which opals are known.

Trios Jewelry Studio is located at 3 Monroe Parkway, Suite I, Lake Oswego. It is open from 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday. Learn more by calling 503-496-1285 or by visiting triosstudio.com.

— Barb Randall