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Do a little armchair traveling to Brazil

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is host to the Summer Olympics in August, and it is the first time a city in South America has ever hosted an Olympics.

Want to learn more about Brazil, and read some novels that are set there? The West Linn Public Library can help.

“Wild Brazil: Land of Fire and Flood” is a three-part BBC production from 2014. See giant otters raise their young with the ever-present threat of jaguars nearby; watch tufted capuchin monkeys survive in a harsh environment; and observe mischievous coati forage for food in the meadow, striped tails held high. The scenery is spectacular.

Michael Palin (of Monty Python fame) has made a series of travel programs for the BBC including a four-part series called “Brazil.” Learn about the Brazilian martial art of capoeira; see a Candomblé religious ceremony; meet the Yanomami tribe deep in the Amazon rain forest; watch Palin interacting with dolphins in the Rio Negro; and peek inside the beautiful Teatro Amazonas, an opera house in Manaus.

“Brazil: Places and History” is a pictorial tour through Brazil’s history, art, and culture. With full-color photos of Iguazu Falls, the Church of Sao Francisco de Assis, Serra da Capivara National Park, wildlife and much more, this book is a visual feast that will give you a wonderful peek into the world of Brazil and its people.

“Perfect Days” is a psychological thriller by Brazilian crime writer Raphael Montes. It is his second novel and his first that’s been translated into English. The story follows Teo, a medical student in Rio de Janeiro whose best friend is a cadaver. He meets Clarice at a party and becomes obsessed with her, but when she rejects him, he kidnaps her, certain that she just needs to be convinced that they are meant for each other.

“The Darkest Heart,” by Dan Smith, is narrated by hit man Arthurzico “Zico” Alves. Alves wants to go straight, but he is blackmailed into one last crime: taking out a nun named Sister Dolores Beckett, who is fighting for the rights of Brazil’s indigenous tribes. But things get complicated when Alves heads out to do the job, and his girlfriend Daniella insists on tagging along. This is a perfect thriller for summertime reading.

In Brazilian author Daniel Galera’s book, “Blood-Drenched Beard,” a nameless man arrives in the Brazilian beach town of Garopaba. He suffers from a rare condition that doesn’t allow him to remember faces. He starts asking around about his grandfather, who disappeared from the area years ago under suspicious circumstances. The locals don’t like his line of questioning, though, and become increasingly hostile. This book is a mystery along with a journey of self-discovery.

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Cheryl Hill is a librarian at the West Linn Public Library.