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LO woman publishes suspense novel

'Deadline' is first crime novel for J.J. Livingston

SUBMITTED PHOTOS: - Deadline is J.J. Livingstons first crime novel

Jennifer Greer has published her first suspense novel under the pen name J.J. Livingston. Titled “Deadline,” the book is based in Medford, where Greer lived before moving to Lake Oswego nine months ago.

A full-time journalist, Greer said suspense is her favorite genre; she was a police reporter for The Fresno Bee in California prior to moving to Oregon.

“I love crime writing,” she said. “The idea is based on my experiences. I spent about a month in Bosnia as a war reporter, and I wanted to incorporate my background into the main character. She is a war correspondent who has a terrible incident in Bosnia and ends up going back to Medford to raise her two children. She takes a job at the local paper, thinking that will be a safe environment, and it is until a string of murders occur.”

The story synopsis has journalist Whit McKenna recovering from a harrowing assignment in Afghanistan. Seeking refuge, she moves with her two daughters to a small southern Oregon town and takes up work as a crime reporter for the local newspaper. After only a month on the job, Whit’s post-traumatic stress disorder kicks in full-force, confusing her mind with disturbing flashbacks.

But years of journalistic instinct strengthens her resolve, and with dogged determination, she pursues the sensational story.

Soon, two more high-profile members of the community end up in the morgue. Medical science seems to be playing a twisted role in this ongoing, deadly drama, which has McKenna joining forces with Medical Examiner Katie Riggs to stop the tragic crimes. With each front page article McKenna writes she comes closer to a vicious killer who has proven he will stop at nothing to silence victims.

“Deadline” is available as an ebook online at Amazon.com or through Suspense Publishing.

J.J. Livingston