Should students take the summer off or should they undertake a rigorous schedule of extracurricular activities?

“Am I speaking to the kids or the parents?” asked Jay Klusky, author of “What Every Parent Wants for Their Child and How to Get it,” “Easy As: Winning the School Game” and co-author of “The M.O. Scale: Know and Control Your Future.” “You want the kids to relax but don’t want them to relax too much. Actually, the same goes for the parents too,” he said.

Klusky suggests that students select one thing they can get interested about this summer and research it using any and all means possible.

“Learn all you can about that one thing - it can be anything, as long as it is legal and not unhealthy,” he said.

His second tip for students is to find out what is on the reading list at school next fall and get started early.

“Get a little ahead,” he said. “Do it easy. Parents might want to do this too. Often we have a scrunched brow when we are reading under a deadline or doing anything that is required. Relax and do your reading in a leisurely fashion. You will enjoy it much more.”

Klusky’s learning skills programs teach students of all ages how to take control of their lives and be successful. He lives in West Linn and teaches throughout the Portland metropolitan area.

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