Maverick graduates all honored

by: REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Riverdales top scholars are, from left: Olivia Wolf, Logan Rooper, Chloe Larkin and Issiah Elder.Olivia Wolf

GPA: 4.0

College: Macalester College, Minn.

Major: Undecided

Long-term goals: My goal is to explore as many different fields as possible, so I can settle in a career that’s truly right for me.

Favorite class: English

Favorite high school memory: Seeing all of my classmates after spending a semester in Japan.

Favorite quote: “Don’t ever become a pessimist ... a pessimist is correct oftener than an optimist, but an optimist has more fun, and neither can stop the march of events.” — Robert A. Heinlein

Favorite book: “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert A. Heinlein

Logan Rooper

GPA: 4.0

College: Duke Engineering, N.C.

Major: Electrical computer engineering and computer science

Long-term goals: I want to build the next generation of human-computer interfaces.

Favorite class: XV: Oceans

Favorite high school memory: Last year’s Near-Space Venture launch in Central Oregon. We launched a balloon-powered near-space craft and followed it in our cars.

Favorite quote: “We need to figure out how to have the things we love, and not destroy the world.” — Elon Musk

Favorite book: “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov

Chloe Larkin

GPA: 4.0

College: Yale University, Conn.

Major: Global affairs

Long-term goals: I’m not sure what my career path will look like, but I hope it will be related to global health. I want to become involved with international alliances that strive to combat preventable disease. Analysis of outcomes and creative thinking are the tools that will improve aid distribution.

Favorite class: Shakespeare and politics

Favorite high school memory: Making it to the final round of the Mock Trial state championships with my team.

Favorite quote: “Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” — Albert Camus

Favorite book: “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy

Isaiah James Elder

GPA: 4.0

College: Washington University, St. Louis

Major: Business

Long-term goals: To work in a business that promotes and sells renewable energy. I want to pursue this career because of my interest in the environment.

Favorite Class: Geology

Favorite high school memory: Winning state titles in soccer and the 4x400-meter relay for track.

Favorite quote: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” — Wayne Gretzky

Favorite book: “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand

Riverdale High School graduates

Sierra Archer, Elizabeth Babcock, Dillon Banker, Elizabeth Bartlett, Julia Bates, Avraham Berne, Kelly Boyer, David Deming, Sevan Douzdjian, Clara Dudley, Tobias Earley, Isaiah Elder, Anna Erlandson, Nathan Estergard-Hensleigh, Elizabeth Friedman, Hannah Garrett, Sierra Green, Rafael Gorriaran, Nathan Gruenberg, Maya Hendin, Mackenzie Hertford, Jennifer Hubbard, Ana Jenike, Yiran Jiang, Benjamin Johnson, Logan Klahn, Jeffrey Kohnstamm, Chloe Larkin, Bret Lorimore, Christopher Lull, Noah McGraw, Quinn Mendon, Jennifer Mick, Drew Millegan, Galina Nicholson, James Owens, Forrest Parker, Lucy Parkin, Joshua Pelz, Andrew Pence, Taylor Penner-Ash, Tiffany Puterbaugh, Logan Rooper, Jack Russell, Claire Sanders, Meghan Scanlon, Megan Schroder, Nathan Siegel, Joseph Spector, Amelia Syck, Eleanor Van Buren, Furui Wang, Elisabeth Ware, Tegan Waring, Amy Wiegand, Olivia Wolf, Nicholas Woo.

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